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    Is Swachha Charat Abhiyana successful in India?

    Do you want to know the suggestions for successful implementation of Swachha Charat Abhiyana? Check here to know from our experts.

    Swachha Bharat Abhiyana was flagged off by PM and was very well accepted by people. Subsequently the Swachha Bharat Tax was introduced.
    Do you think that this Abhiyana has become successful in India or do we have a long way to go? If so , can you suggest what steps can be taken by common man and society as a whole to make this successful?
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  • Up to certain extent so far this is successful. There are numerous measures that needs to be addressed.
    Good out comings from this Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan
    1. People become more aware about keeping cleanness and throwing garbage on street and in open.
    2. Each City municipal corporation now take innovative ways to collect garbage and educate people.
    3. Awards and ranking in Cities makes competitive nature for cleanness which is healthy for everyone.
    4. Slowly rivers are getting cleaned and people are taking measurements to keep it keep while enjoying in river water.
    5. All sections of population artist, singers, labors etc. now contributing for cleanness drive.

    Still yet to be done
    1. There is not enough green ness in cities. Builders while contraction are not keep enough planning for lawn and trees. Most garbage is absorbed by trees including wet garbage.
    2. There are lot of open and plane land where mining and factories are build which is destroying natural growth of trees. If no trees then garbage won't get dumped and reprocessed in soil.
    3. There are not enough garbage dumpster to collect garbage. There is no privatization in garbage collection so you might see overfilled garbage dumpsters. Ongoing strikes of labor stalls garbage collection and it risks health of everyone around garbage.
    4. Not enough education in very poor families so they throw things outside home without consent what will happen to it. There should be strictness for garbage throwing so it will not able again.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • This movement has proved successful to a great extent with overwhelming response and support of people in this cleanliness movement.
    Under this scheme government has raised many step to clean every school, college, village and town. Cleanliness is very important in ones life and this message has been spread to every individual of this country. People have become more aware of cleanliness than they were before. There has been huge participation of youths especially school going children who are creating awareness in their locality. Many stars from the sports and arts have actively participated in this movement. Some of the names are Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan,
    Amir Khan , Akshay Kumar and many other prominent person are promoting this scheme of Indian government.
    Large number of toilets in school, colleges and in rural areas have been constructed.

    Government is trying its best but the desired result can not be achieved without the active participation of common man. We can contribute in this holy work by maintaining cleanliness around and inside our home, offices, schools and colleges. We should take care of cleanliness at public places. We must always use dust bin. We can also contribute by creating awareness among people.

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