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    Can a 17 years boy own a motor cycle with gear?

    Interested in owning a bike? Wondering if under 18 can ride? find suggestions from experts on this page.

    Can a 17 years boy own a motor cycle with gear and 100 cc or above 100cc? I am not asking about DL. I want to know whether the motor cycle can be registered in a minor's name above 16 years in Telangana. Recently central government has passed Motor vehicle amendment Act 2016. Is there any provision to allow the minors above 16 to ride the above said motor cycles?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes a minor can't own a motorbike. He is not eligible to drive also. But now a days we are observing many young boys riding bikes and scooters. It is not at all advisable. I advise the parents not to allow that

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  • As per the Motor Vehicle Act, Boys and girls aged 16 and above are eligible to apply for Learner's Licence (LLR) and they would be allowed to go for Regular Licence test within six months. This is for without gears, while they should be 18 years old to apply for Licence for Two wheeler/LMV with gears. From this, it can be derived that boys and girls above 16 are eligible to ride with proper documents on hand and also vehicle can be purchased in their name and get registered.

    As Dr. Rao has suggested, it is not at all advisable to allow the children to go for ride unless they become perfect learners.


  • As per the law a boy who completes 18 years of age and with that proof he can always have a legalized license from the RTO which enables him to drive the two wheeler with gear across the country. I know some parents are over enthusiastic and promise the child that if they score good marks in 10th class or Intermediate they will gift him with two wheeler. But the parents seldom understands that law does not permit a minor to drive on the road, though he might have learned how to drive vehicle through his friends. In Hyderabad the traffic police are very particular on minors driving vehicle and stoop on those erring persons and book them immediately. My advise is to avoid driving two wheeler while minor and he can always use it when becomes major. Moreover driving needs to take some actions in split of seconds and I think being minor that is not possible and thus accidents may also occur.

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  • I think the ask expert has not read my question properly. I request them to read once again and reply what i have asked for.My question is Can a 17 years boy own a motor cycle with gear 100 cc or above 100cc? I have not asked about driving. Please give straight asnwer do not----

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  • When a under aged person is not allowed to own a vehicle at all before the age of 18, then how come he can own a motor cycle with gear of 100 cc and above. ?

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