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    Solutions for PC turning off on its own

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    I am having problem with my PC. It stops on its own frequently. I have to boot it again and again. I want to know whether the problem is related to Hard drive. \My operating system is windows 7. I have installed antivirus in my PC.
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  • There could be many reason for system stop or shut down and one of them might be RAM issue. You have not given complete detail about the system to furnish the detail as reply. Anyhow, try to clean RAM (detachable) and fix it if you know about it.

    Try to clean the dust from the system. If there are two RAMs with different capacity (like 1GB + 1GB etc.) then it could be issue from one of the RAM too possibly. The hard disk, time clock, dust and all can create such an issue for the PC to stop / shut down automatically.

  • The problem can be of RAM, heating and dust.
    You may try the following in sequence:

    1.Run the space cleaning software.

    2.Run the anti virus software and scan the system fully. Watch for any malware or virus and if so follow recommendations.

    3. Run the automatic system trouble shooter and follow recommendations.

    4. Keep your hand near the system ventilation fan and feel how much warm the out coming air is. If it Inspect for accumulated dust. After putting off the system, clean and remove the dust accumulated in the ventilation fans.

    5. Remove the metallic computer side covers and clean the inside parts(Caution: do not disturb or dissemble any hardware) Use very soft brush and blow air. If you see dust in the processor fan, clean them very carefully. If you do not know how safely to clean the processor fan, better get technical help.
    Blow and remove dust maximum possible. ( Caution: do all this after system and power is shutoff )

    6. Take out and Clean the RAM(s) (again very softly using air blow) or very oft brush.

    7. If there are two RAM then remove one temporarily and try to run system with one RAM. See how it functions. Similarly after shutting down run the system with the other RAM alone. Then if any one RAM has the problem you will see that.

    7. Install the updates for browser, operating system and the antivirus software.

    Mostly by the above things should become normal. If not get technical help.

  • In Desktop computer or laptop contraption with operating Windows system, if CPU is used excess or graphic cards is running out of memory then it is more likely to create a big problem. The high temperature get over the pre-configured, then the system itself shut downs the PC to avoid being damaged.

    The problem can be fixed by downloading compatable diagonistic toll.

    1. Windows 32-bit
    For Windows 32-bit, download to see and fix CPU issue.

    If the temperature of computer exceed or go bove its degree, it is more likely to logoff itself. Run a diagonostic.

    Internal Issues:
    1. Cleaning the fan: The heatsink has collected lot of dust and it does not allow air from the fan to pass unto CPU.

    2. Motherboard: Computers automatically shut down or turns off the PC to prevent the CPU from getting damaged. Checking and cleaning the Motherboard, Heatsink, Fans, and components might fix the issue or miht need to replace Motherboard itself.

    3. Cooler Master: Use or install a good and Zero1 winner cooler master N526 which lowers the temperature and stick with 40 degree Celcius or even lower.

    4. Hard Disk Drive: When your HDD is corrupted, it creates a big issue in Operating System. Formatting the drive and reinstalling the Windows with latest higher version will help to sort out.

    The Anti-Virus and RAM needs to be checked. However, they don't create problem apart from hanging the computer when they run out of memory.

    How to clean RAM?
    1. Start> Run> Press start + R> Type %tempt%> Enter> Delete All the temporary RAM files.

    2. Boot the PC> Enter BIOS> Set Up> and changd the CPU settings set to "High" to avoid automatic shut down when over heat.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Be it a laptop or desktop, the auto turning off thing with machine is hardware issue. Mostly the motherboard and RAM issues lead to that. For example, inverter setting in motherboard can cause laptop to shut down on its own. Or RAM issue in motherboard may make both desktop and laptop to auto shutdown. Also some of the boot settings if get corrupted then the motherboard needs flashing and needs to be reset to new settings.

    Your display is getting turneed off with machine, so it's not purely RAM issue either. Machine can boot even without RAM and gives no RAM error.

    You have to send the computer to the service station. And let them get it fixed for you. Most likely this being thee hardware issue with the motherboard should not cost more than 4K or so. I had similar issue where the motherboard was not booting. And it had to reset through external means. And they made few changes. And I had total expense of 2k.

    This is not a software problem from the description and symptoms of it. You can see that this is more of hardware issue. I am not sure how this can be a problem as explained in earlier replies because personally this is booting related issue which is caused by motherboard level problem.

  • Below might be the reason for restart

    1. It could be because of RAM issue. Cleaning could be a solution.

    2. Scanning the computer will help as it is because of some malware's installed. You might have an antivirus but it is important which antivirus you use.

    3. There is an option for boot time scan in few antivirus software like Kaspersky Internet Security. Boot time scan might help you to find any viral program that starts up while boot.

    4. Try to use your computer in a safe mode and see how it performs. That way you can analyze the root cause for this issue.

    5. Do fragment the harddisk, reboot might also because of hard drive failure.

  • The reason behind pc or laptop automatically shutting off is probably a CPU overheated issue. This problem prevent burning up the processor. If its a desktop PC, open it and turn it on and make sure the fans are spinning. If fans are not spinning then they will need to be replaced. Check the space around the computer and make sure it can move air.

    Its happening when we playing high video games which sometimes pc cannot supported and automatically shutting off its own to protect itself.

    Go to any computer repairing shop for repair your desktop pc is bettar to solve this issue.

  • There can be many problems related to this issue. Instead of ruling out cases I simply suggest you the steps you have to perform with your PC.

    > Boot device in Safe Mode and check if you are facing the same problem.

    > As per the information given by you it seems to be purely a RAM issue, so to solve this issue open task manager and go to clear processes. Then select clear all processes option here and this should most probably solve your problem.

    > Another case that I can rule out is updating your PC and updating especially the Windows Defender part which can definately solve your problem if its affected by malware or spyware.

    > Troubleshoot the CPU fan as even this can be an overheating PC issue causing the PC to shutdown.

    > If above steps don't work then then formatting your PC will definately solve your issue.

    Hope your problem gets solved by these simple steps.

  • There are many reasons why this could occur. Below are some of them:-

    1) Heating issue:-It is generally seen that when the temperature of the laptop reaches a certain threshold it switches off. This heating may occur due to lower speed of the fan. Get it checked. The slow functioning of the fan may also heat the hard drive or other computer units near it.
    2) Incompatible charger:-Many of us don't realize this can be a cause of the computer getting heated. But in most of the computer this also has been found as one of the reasons.

    3) High end games: - We may also encounter situation when after playing a game for quite a time the computer gets heated and turns off. This is also indirectly a heating issue.

    4) Virus:-This can always considered as a cause. Many times we install antivirus which are outdated. We generally don't update the antivirus as we have a pirated version. So a kind advise to all that please use a licensed antivirus which is updated.

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