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    How to get pet cats to adjust to a new home?

    Is your pet cat finding it hard to stay in a new home and pining for the old home? Follow the expert suggestions provided here to know how to get your pet cats to adapt to a new environment.

    One of my relatives is having two adult cats and three kittens as pets and they have been with the family for over three years now. Having retired and the government accommodation has to be vacated, my relative moved to a rented place and wanted the cats to be with them. However, the cats just are unwilling to move to the the new home. Now he is in a fix, because the cats are not finding the new home cozy and the the old house cannot be retained by my relative. What advice could you give as my neighbour loves the cats & kittens and does not want to abandon them.
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  • We have a cat that is almost grown up, an adult cat, she walks and follow my little sister everywhere she goes. But, in your situation, that is somewhat weired...?

    I think they should let the pets go off even if the pets are reluctant to move.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • We have cats and whenever we move to another place, they stick around us until they get used to it. I think cats and dogs have more trouble sticking to new place. So making them habit of moving one place to another can be good idea. And in such case dogs can be taken on morning wallk. And that should take care of the things.In case of cats, keep them around you and then they can adjust with you and new people in the place.

    What you can do is make sure the new place has some scratching spot where they can scratch and get the stress out. Also a box where they can go for sleep. That should make them feel home no matter where you moves or how many times you move.

  • Pets, like humans also have some initial problems to get adjusted to a new place or a new master. However as time passes they also get adjusted easily.
    Usually pets get attached to the masters. As you are busy with the relocation, you may not be giving much attention to the pets. That is why they feel the discomfort more.
    Whoever is more attached to them should spend some time with them and give them food and drink without negligence. Allow them to cuddle with the persons whom they are already well attached. In a few days they will feel comfortable.

  • We all are adaptive and even animals are. Most of the foreign developed countries you must have seen cats and dogs are kept in separate small home which gives them feel of their own home. These kind of homes are portable.
    For your situation , I feel initial cats and kitten will resist but if they given healthy food and good company they will settle. All the best.

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