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    Not happy with my inter results

    Facing a problem with low Inter results? Interested in knowing how to improve the same? check out this page for response to your queries.

    I have passed inter with 70%(Telangana). I am not happy with results and I want to improve my marks. What should I do? Are there any chances of repeating 2 year?
    What should I do to get good marks?
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  • Yes, you can again appear in the XII class examination for division improvement category. If you will get 10% more marks then you will be provided new mark sheet otherwise you will be provided with the same mark sheet.
    To improve your result please concentrate on your study. Study and work hard from the beginning it mean form today you have to work hard. Try to solve unsolved paper of last year examinations to improve your result. Understand all concept and clear your doubt from concerned subject teachers. If possible hire a good tutor for important subjects.
    By following above things, you will certainly get good marks in next examination.

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    There is always a scope for the improvement of your result by seeking permission from the Board to appear in the papers in which you would like to have improved performance.
    You have to take a permission through the Board via School - authority for the appearance of reevaluation of papers which you would take in the re- examination for your improvement.
    You will be issued a fresh mark- sheet indicating your latest performance in the examination.
    However, you have to put in your best efforts in your studies so that you can achieve a commendable performance in the papers you would like to have improvements.

  • You can apply for the improvement. There is a form and new mark-sheet that can be issued. However your percentage needs to be more around 10% than earlier for new mark-sheet to be issued. So that can be hard for you. I suggest going for improvement only if you have assurance of what you can do. I have found that some of the time it may not be easy to reapply and score. So if you are completely confident then and only apply. Otherwise move on with existing marks and focus on next phase of education.

    If you are in CBSE or ICSE then chances are there that you may appear for the improvement. You may have to give up earlier marksheet along with the other forms. So once that you have to focus on the studies. You may have to work harder to improve your performance.

  • First, there is always possible to improve your marks if you felt that the percentage you secured in your inter exam or term end exam marks are too low or average to be taken into consideration.

    Re-evaluation Procces:
    If one is extremely unsatisfied with the marks, you can ask for reevaluation of your mark sheet before the time run runs out. Write and Submit a written application to the head of your school, mentioning the previous marks you secured and want to improve. They will be more than happy to accept the proposal.

    Appearing Re-exam:
    This is highly not recommended if you are not well prepared. Work hard in your studies and cover all the questions and answers available in your syllabus in a stipulated time frame before you opt for this preference.

    Coaching are the only chances of possible success in this option. One needs to be well prepared and appear the exam to impove the marks. However, note that you might get lower or higher marks than before or after.

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  • Recently government started CIS program in many states. Higher secondary certificate (HSC) students will now get two chances to improve their scores under the class improvement scheme (CIS).
    Now same exam you can attempt in Oct and Feb/Mar in following year. Whichever scores are good will be your final marksheets but if it is reappearing exam then CIS will be marked on it. Make note you will lose another year for this. But it is worth than carrying bad score for lifetime.
    For study all you need revisions, concentration and understanding study in details. Once you know essence of topic you don't have to read it again. All the best.

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