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    In what way are medicinal values in a plant detected for Ayurveda medicines?

    Puzzled about how Ayurveda medicines are based on a plant's medicinal values without prior trials like for general medicines? Check out the possible ways in which medicinal benefits of plants are discovered and considered good for humans.

    Generally, in English type of Medicines, we usually see that when a new drug or medicine or pill is innovated, first it is used on animals like rabbits, mice and other types of animals so that the scientist or physician can know whether the drug is effectively working or not and if there are any side effects of the drug.

    In the case of Ayurveda a drug is yielded mainly from plants. So, how exactly are Ayurvedic medicines used for the first time to know that whether the medicinal values of the plant is intended for the particular disease?
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  • Please note that medicinal values in plants are already detected and tested and have the mentions in our vedas too. If you take any Epic or puranas, the mention of medicinal value of plants are well defined. In Ramayana when Ravana makes the Lakshmana fall on the ground with his powerful Nagastram , Rama orders Hanuman to bring herbs from Sanjeevi mountains and thus Hanuman brings the entire mountain itself to give best treatment to Lakshmana. Even in on going Chandra Nandini serial, the importance of plants and the medicinal values are portrayed in some scenes.

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  • Ayrveda is treated as Veda. There are very standard books written by very famous saints and doctors in ancient times. The copies of these books are available. There are two books by the names Charaka Samhita and Susru Samhita. In these books the compositions of Ayurvedic medicines are mentioned. The companies will make medicines as per that. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to mention about the book where from they have taken the composition. Only compositions from standard book are accepted by Drug Department..

    Like in allopathy, in Ayrveda also they can make new medicines. But before selling that they have to establish the medicine using the methodology prescribed by Drug Department. They have to obtain patent for the new medicines.

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  • Ayurveda is a very ancient science and we don't know the methods used in those days for testing and their validty. But in recent years the focus on 'medicines from natural sources' has seen light and is in focus. Many methods of isolating individual components from various plants, plant parts and identification of those components using advanced methods like chromatography and testing their medicinal value is in progress. some drugs like "Carica papaya" tablets (extracts from papaya leaves) for increasing blood count in Dengue fever also came into implementation.

    The methods used for testing include testing in animals (usually rats but the animals differ based on the disease or condition to be tested). I don't know how new medicines are tested in Ayurvedic studies but this is the procedure followed in pharmaceutical studies.

    Also one more point worth noticing is that these methods have been used by various countries including India to validate many drugs used in Ayurveda. i.e they are now scientifically proved. So maybe we can say that even though we don't know the methods used in ancient days, they are effective and accurate.

    P.S. I would also like to know the ancient methods which are accurate without the recent technology.

  • Medicine values of the plants are tested on the basis of earlier generations information. What they have tested we rebuild on that. Many of earlier generation tested various plants based on their cultural demand for those plants. For example, Indians, Spanish, Chinese culture have tried turmeric in food. But other generation had to adopt others. So they tested based on the information of other cultures. That's how Americans themselves managed to test the plants of various types.

    In case of Ayurveda as you can see have plenty of references related to the plants and it's usage in various disorders. Though lot of that was tested in that time. Many tests may need to be revised based on how the time is going ahead. So those sort of tests for plants may surely differ now from thee back then tests.

  • Ayurveda medicine treatment is based on the concept of balancing the 'Tridosha's –Vaat, Pitha and Kapha. As per Ayurveda a person becomes sick when the Tridoshas become imbalanced. Under Ayurveda system, it is not just a treatment for the outward symptoms . (Except the most modern maladies like cancer, Ayurveda has its remedies well scripted in the ancients texts and traditional knowledge).

    Ayurvedic medicines are mostly those plants and herbs and the flowers,fruits,seeds and grains grains which either form part of or included in our foods or those plants , shrubs and trees which are mostly found around human habitats and in nearby forests. The Ayurvedic system was developed by the various 'Rishis' or hermits and sages who did Tapas in the forests . Hence there are some medicines which are from plants , shrubs and trees that grow in forests .

    Ayurveda follows the ancient texts and scriptures originated by the various Rishis, and they almost contain about almost all the accessible plants and vegetations and even some animal related matters like milk etc, they were sufficient to cure all the known diseases existingtill afew decades ago. The reason was the treatment was not to the disease, but to remedy and rectify the body's imbalance of Tridosha. So there were many alternatives to a single malady and people were not deprived of a medicine due t lack of its availability.
    Ayurveda treatment is a wholesome treatment comprising of improving body's health and to enable that the food habits and life style were also put on correction. Hence medicines formed a very minor part and the patients were taking mostly the common items available in their front yard, backyard ,kitchen or fields.

    However it is only in the very recent time that humans started facing many modern maladies for which there is no direct mention found in the ancient texts. But the modern Ayurvedic doctors and the various research centres doing research work in Ayurvedic medicines do research to find which of the Tridosha is found imbalanced in the patients with the modern diseases. The wrong life style that caused the basic reason for the Tridosha imbalance is also searched and found. Once these are clearly and undoubtedly found, the treatment is done following the old text prescriptions.

    The modern Ayurvedic doctors and researchers also take lessons in human anatomy and medicinal research. Hence they also do research taking the extracts of various vegetations and locate the essential components in them. They then match the knowledge with available existing knowledge. The toxicity of any such new and unstudied component is researched and made sure of their harmless effects by finding their chemical combinations and even comparing them with any available treatment in other branches of medicines also. If it is ensured as totally harmless and devoid o any side effects, then it is tested on humans.

    Ayurveda has effective cure to almost all the diseases known except probably cancer, which is a relatively modern and recent malady caused mainly by the modern pollutants and poisons . Even in this cases also the existing knowledge is applied and tried and the responses noted and tabulated inresearch.

  • Ayurved products are for disease free life. The Ayurved manufacturing companies has its own Bio Pharmacists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Professors, Scientists and Expert Advisors. They introduce organic, ayurvedic, patented, herbal, health products. These products are domestic having 100% satisfaction guarantee, bio-degradable, eco-friendly and cause no harm to the ozone layer present in the atmosphere. These products neither contain animal fat nor tested on animals because its and Ayurvedic products which are of superior quality and of internation standards.

    Ayurvedic companies like Patanjali, manufacture organic, pure, patented and herbal products in 99% hygenic atmosphere under the guidance of famous Bio pharmacists, doctors and scientists . These products are approved by Drug Department. Along with this, these products cause no harm if taken to the already prescribed medicine by the doctor.

    For instance, an Ayurved plant called Himalayan Berry contain Vitamin C 20 times more as compared to Amla. Its fruits, leaves and bushes are enriched with medicinal properties and used in ayurved medicines.

    According to Hindu mythology, when Lakshman ji was lying unconscious, Lord Rama asked Shri Hanuman ji to bring Sanjeevani Butti. As per belief the same is available in Leh Ladakh and is called Himalayan Berry. Lakshman ji was treated with this herb (BUTTI) and got healthy benefits. Ayurved contains more than 100 nutrients and is replete with various vitamins- C, A, E, B-1, B-2, minerals and amino acids.

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