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    In what way medicinal values in a plant can be detected?

    Want to know how to detect medicinal value of a plant? Looking out for this information online? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    Generally, in English type of Medicines, we usually see a new drug or medicine or pill is innovated first it is used in animals like rabbits, mouses and other types of animals so that scientist or physician can know that whether the drug is effectively working or not or there are any side effects of the drug.
    So in Ayurveda where the drug is yielded mainly from plants, how to know that whether the medicinal value of the plant is intended for the particular disease?
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    Please note that medicinal values in plants are already detected and tested and have the mentions in our vedas too. If you take any Epic or puranas, the mention of medicinal value of plants are well defined. In Ramayana when Ravana makes the Lakshmana fall on the ground with his powerful Nagastram , Rama orders Hanuman to bring herbs from Sanjeevi mountains and thus Hanuman brings the entire mountain itself to give best treatment to Lakshmana. Even in on going Chandra Nandini serial, the importance of plants and the medicinal values are portrayed in some scenes.

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    Ayrveda is treated as Veda. There are very standard books written by very famous saints and doctors in ancient times. The copies of these books are available. There are two books by the names Charaka Samhita and Susru Samhita. In these books the compositions of Ayurvedic medicines are mentioned. The companies will make medicines as per that. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to mention about the book where from they have taken the composition. Only compositions from standard book are accepted by Drug Department..

    Like in allopathy, in Ayrveda also they can make new medicines. But before selling that they have to establish the medicine using the methodology prescribed by Drug Department. They have to obtain patent for the new medicines.

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  • Are the new Medicines in Ayurveda are tested?If tested, do they test on Animals.... How can they prove particular medicine can be cure for certain diseases?

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  • Ayurveda is a very ancient science and we don't know the methods used in those days for testing and their validty. But in recent years the focus on 'medicines from natural sources' has seen light and is in focus. Many methods of isolating individual components from various plants, plant parts and identification of those components using advanced methods like chromatography and testing their medicinal value is in progress. some drugs like "Carica papaya" tablets (extracts from papaya leaves) for increasing blood count in Dengue fever also came into implementation.

    The methods used for testing include testing in animals (usually rats but the animals differ based on the disease or condition to be tested). I don't know how new medicines are tested in Ayurvedic studies but this is the procedure followed in pharmaceutical studies.

    Also one more point worth noticing is that these methods have been used by various countries including India to validate many drugs used in Ayurveda. i.e they are now scientifically proved. So maybe we can say that even though we don't know the methods used in ancient days, they are effective and accurate.

    P.S. I would also like to know the ancient methods which are accurate without the recent technology.

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  • In Ancient days Hakim or Vaid used to treat people with plants medicines. Now how they know about use of these plant is based on root and their ancestry. It is obvious human learned from experiencing and attempting plants use on body for treatments. Perhaps old days it might have been observed what animals do in case of they fall sick and then human started trying same.
    In current situation we know use of plants by ingredients inside it. Technology already given facts of those ingredients and that's why we are confident on use of such plants for treatments. It is nothing buy high or low quality of allopathic medicines. I have heard a man cures cancer in Karnataka. He follows what his father told him which works. Which means we still lagging identifying composition of plants and put into medicines.

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