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    Scope of getting a better job on learning Korean language

    Want to know about the job opportunities after learning Korean language? Searching for information online? Check out this page for answers to your query.

    I am a post graduate in English literature (first class from Kerala university). I am very much interested to learn Korean language. Now I did know a little Korean language through self study. I am fond of Korean music also. Is there any scope of getting better jobs on learning Korean language?
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  • The Korean language doesn't hold a good future in India. Here the two primary languages to be spoken are English and Hindi. These are the options that you can choose after learning the Korean language.
    1. Language trainer-You can become a language instructor in any foreign language training institutes. Although the pay scale is not very high, but you can start off your career by becoming a Korean language trainer.
    2. Korean interpreter-You can apply to become an interpreter in the foreign embassy office. A lot of eminent Korean guests come to India and hire interpreters or bilinguals who can speak in both Korean and English language. This is a government job and you will be entitled to all employee benefits including EPFs You can also apply for such jobs in private event managing organisations. But you will not be entitled to all the employee benefit schemes in a private organisation.
    3. Language translator-You can become an online language translator. If you go through an online search of translation related jobs, you will find many websites offering the same. You can bid for such translation jobs and get highly paid for each translation job of Korean into any Indian language or vice versa.
    4. Call centre-You can become a call centre trainee and handle the business of the call centre for the Korean clients. If you know the Korean language already, you need not go through the language training given in such call centres.

    As I already mentioned, that there is not a very high scope of this Korean language in India. You should look for jobs in the country Korea itself. There you can apply for any job having learnt the Korean language. Since you are already a graduate in English literature, you can also apply for teaching posts in high schools of Korea. You can become a foreign language teacher over there.

    Live life Kingsize!

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