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    How to manage healthy routine overcoming all excuses?

    Wondering how to manage a health routine on a regular basis? Searching for a solution to avoid excuses? On this Ask Expert page find a solution to your problem.

    I am a 26 years old girl and have enough time to exercise, meditate regularly, have healthy food, focus on my work and do each and everything happily and with quality by managing time and mentality. But I don't do anything out of it. I admit that I'm a bit lazy. I start doing something and leave it in-between, giving so many reasons. For example, I do start to go for jogging and end it after a week or so. I thought to join some yoga class to keep regularity, but there is nothing nearby for me so that plan too flopped. Neither I have any partner to work on it with him or her. I want to do each thing out of it happily, keep a good routine and want to do my work with focus. Can you help me to do so?
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  • This is a general problem for many people. They know that going for a walk in the early morning is good. But they can't get up early from bed and they skip walking because of getting up late.

    First of all what you should practice is getting up early from the bed. For that if necessary you can go to bed early. Then you will have sufficient time to do the exercise in the morning. You make it a point that not to miss exercise. If any of your neighbors is having a habit of morning walk, make friendship with them. You can request them to call you when they are going for a walk and go with them. Alone going is a bit difficult and one will tend to avoid it. So you should start walking with somebody.

    Above all this, your strong will and determination is very important. Before you get up from your bed you say yourself that I will do exercise first and then only I will go for other activities. I hope once you start this it will become easy for you to do the exercise.

    always confident

  • Do not start everything at once. We have been living unhealthy lifestyle since long time and changing it to a healthy one needs time and patience. You cannot change it overnight. Just do one thing at a time. For example, give yourself 10 days at least before starting anything new. Suppose tomorrow you have made up your mind to go on jogging then at least for next 10 days do not start anything new. After 10 days, start eating healthy breakfast. In this way, every month you will be able to develop 3 new healthy habits replacing those unhealthy ones. If tomorrow itself you make a list of 10 new healthy habits then it creates too much pressure on you and after few days you will give up and will not adopt even a single good habit out of the list of 10.

    Gradual changes are good. Do not create too much pressure on yourself. Second thing is that you have to have a firm determination. Until and unless you want it badly, you are not going to achieve success. If you want to make changes in your life style then your desire from within will not let you give up in between. No matter how lazy you are, you will continue to do it. But if you do not have that burning desire within you then within few days you will give excuses to yourself and stop the hard work.

    One thing you have to remember is that if you cannot do it today then you will never be able to do it tomorrow too. Keep this sentence in mind before you stop doing what you are doing by giving excuses to yourself. You may feel tired, your busy schedule may come in your way. Sometimes you do not want to simply wake up or else you do not want to continue without a partner Most of the times you will make an excuse to yourself that you will start fresh from next week or next month. Just stop doing that and carry on what you have started, like there is no tomorrow.

    See if you can find a partner cause joint efforts definitely yield more fruits than if carried out by a single person. Keep yourself motivated. I have read that to develop a habit you need 90 days and thus do not stop cause little hard work and patience will change your life style and benefit you in long run.

  • You are not alone in this regard. Many of us are 'Aarambha Shoora"s. That is we start something with great interest and even trumpet about it to the whole world. But very soon we get bored of it or just feel uninterested in it and leave that giving some lame excuses.
    Only those who overcome the lethargy and excuses and carry on with the action will succeed. Such people are 'Kaam ka aadmi' or real doers.

    You also can be easily a 'real doer' and not an 'aarambha shoora'.

    1. Enter into matters which can be easily accomplished and which do not need much preparation.

    2. Even if not perfect initially start that programme or work or exercise.

    3. Slow and steady wins the race. Be slow, but be steady; gradually increase efforts, time, distance or other parameters. For example if you start morning walk, then first day just walk for a short distance and return. Make it that way for a few days. Then increase the distance or speed slowly.

    4. Do not get discouraged by any negative feeling. When starting exercise or workout, there may be some fatigue initially. But let that not deter you. Slowly the body gets over the fatigue. Similarly reading a book may invite sleep at first. Do not worry, take a nap. Get up after that and again try to read a few more pages.

    5.Consistency is the need. As far as possible be consistent. Do not make unnecessary breaks and stops. That will be retrograde and will defeat all the good efforts.

    6.Declare what you do to someone who can criticise and guide you. Let it be your best critic or adversary. They will provoke and even chide you if you fail on the matter. That will make you take it as a challenge.

    7.Keep a chart or table about your goals and actual achievements at a pace where all in the family( and even visitors) can see. That will serve as a review and reminder and prod you to go ahead.

    8. Keep realistic targets. Divide long term goals to achievable short term goals first. Each achievement will encourage to progress further.

    9. Never be afraid of failure. On any downslide review what has gone wrong and take corrections and renew efforts.

    10. Join the relevant internet forums where you have people having similar goals. ( For Example ''" has forum where people keep a goal of reducing a certain amount of weight in certain number of days. There is a countdown chart and achievement at every threshold point.)

    Last but not least, tell yourself sincerely and seriously: "I can do it, I will do it'. You can! I bet.

  • It is good that you have already found out the cause of your distress. It is indeed that you are a tad lazy and you have a little lack of focus. But you can definitely overcome this. I have seen people very close to me having the same problems as you are having. Even I feel the lack of energy in doing something which I really want to. But, there are solutions to this. I have applied a few and I have seen people apply some which I am going to share with you.
    1. To keep focus on your goal, just think about what you want. Shift your focus from other things that divert you from your goal. Say, you want to jog in a park and then suddenly you remember that you have to buy something or you have to eat some fried food, etc. Then think again. Think it like this this that this moment will never come back and the distraction that you are currently having can also be done later. Think it as many times as needed to convince your inner self. One fine day you will succeed over your distractions and you will complete your target.
    2. To get rid of your laziness, you need to get yourself involved into more work. But this will not be achieved in one day. You increase the amount of your work every day or maybe every week by a small amount. Make a checklist of what your target is on that day. Think how much time you need to achieve the target. Take all the time you need. No need to hurry. Every time you succeed in completion of your target, increase the workload for the next day.
    3. Do not follow any routine. Routines for your daily chores will make your life a bit rigid. You will lose the flexibility of taking rest or a day off. Slowly you will get pissed off by your own routine and start disregarding it. Do whatever makes you happy but see that whatever you do should be constructive for your life.
    4. Involve your friends in your life. When you jog, jog with your friends. When you walk, walk with your friends. This will give you more enthusiasm for such healthy habits.
    5. Buy the DVDs of exercises and art of life prepared by celebrities. You will feel the zeal of exercising, when you see your favorite celebrity doing the same thing.

    These are the top things that will help you get back on track in life. Some of them worked for me and some for my friends.

    Live life Kingsize!

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