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    Career Guidance for Architecture

    Aspiring for making a career in Architecture? Searching for information about courses and degrees in India and Abroad online? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I want to know the scope of architecture in India and abroad. What are the various courses and degrees in architecture? I don't have any idea about it.
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  • There are some universities in India offering B.Arch, which is equivalent to B.Tech. The seats in this course are also offered basing on your rank in entrance test. Some part of architecture is being taught in BE/B.Tech Civil branch also . For admission you have to complete your +2 and get qualified in entrance test.

    Job opportunities are there both in India and abroad. Like a Chartered Account, you can also have your own company for serving the industry in Architecture.

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  • Most of the leading universities in India do conduct the Arcitectural - engineering course along with other streams such as Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Metallurgical etc. However, there lies some difference between the former course and the later courses with respect to consumption of time. Where as the duration of B.Arch course is around five and half years, the remaining streams have been designed to complete the courses in four - year duration.
    The stretching of the duration of the course is because of extensive training in advanced architecture. The aspirants are provided with suitable inputs how the basic foundation of architecture can be strengthened with the materials of varying composition. Though a civil - engineer is conversant with some of the tools employed by Architectural - engineer, they would lack the specialised knowledge essential to be a successful Architectural - engineer.
    The best institutes offering B.Arch courses are IIT Mumbai, BIT Meshra and BIT Pilani etc.

  • My sister is a qualified and registered Architect. She studies B.Arch from Shibpur Bengal Engineering College, the oldest Engineering College of India. I have some knowledge about the subject. I am mentioning these:-
    (a) While other Engineering courses are of duration of 4 years, B. Arch is of duration of 4 and a half years/5 years.
    (b) Most of Engineering Colleges in India offer B.Arch degree. However, IITs, School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), Centre for Planning & Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad are very prestigious architectural colleges of India.
    (c) Architecture has no various super-specialities.
    (d) With increasing urbanisation the scope of architecture all over the world is immense, and it will grow for at least another 50 years. You may consider to study Architecture and later further go for any of the following specialisations in professional field:-
    1. landscape design
    2. Housing
    3. Town and city planning
    4. Architecture journalism
    5. Interior design
    6. Urban and Regional Planning
    7. Infrastructure design
    8. Industrial design
    9. Building technologies
    10. Sustainable Environmental Design
    11. commercial building design
    12. Architecture conservation
    14. Hill architecture
    15. Low cost design

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  • Architecture the field of planning, designing and constructing buildings and physical structures.The area includes both process of designing and developing the structures. Architects are the creators of amazing structural buildings, beautiful landscapes of aesthetic values.

    The courses are available as Bachelor of Architecture ( 5 year duration) Master of Architecture ( 2 year duration) Ph.D ( 3 year duration)in architecture. One can choose specialized area prescribed by the university for study in their interest of choice during the study course.

    The jobs are available in housing and urban planning divisions, defense organizations, townships planning, building construction companies, architectural firms, consultancy sectors, academic institutions,railways etc.

    The jobs are available as surveyor spatial designer, architectural technologist, town planner, production designer, interior designer, landscape designer, civil drafter, building contractor, architect planner residential surveyor, building surveyor, professor etc.

  • Thanx to all for solving my queries. I am very thankful to all of your guidance.

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