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    After BE what would higher education degree should I choose

    Confused about what to do after engineering graduation? Looking out for options like ME and MBA? Check out this Ask Expert page for career guidance from experts.

    After completing my B.E I am confused about choosing the higher education degree.
    Which has better job opportunities: M.E or M.B.A
    Which option will provide jobs abroad easily?
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  • Normal educational up gradation being done by every one is that after completing BE , they would go for ME. It all depends on the candidates and their interest. If you want to pursue MBA, nothing wrong. But when you have done basic BE, it is better to have Masters in Engineering otherwise the aim of yours is not achieved. By the way do not go by the advise of others. Ask your conscience and consult your parents as to what is next for you. They can advise the best because they know your potential and their capacity to give you further education. And if you want to go abroad, then go for such courses.

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  • Why confusion? Seriously asking. You are an Engineering graduate and expected to decide your future course of action by this time. Generally there are three options for any Engineering student which they prefer - securing a job through campus interview or doing a Master's Degree with a good GATE score or MBA in a reputed Institute with a good CAT score. To secure any, you have to work hard.

    It all depends on your interest. You have not mentioned your branch. If you want to do ME/M Tech, prepare well for GATE examination and try to secure good score. Opt for a good institution for pursuing M Tech. It would help you to choose a job in teaching profession. These days BE with MBA appears to be lucrative and everyone is focusing on CAT examination for a respectable score i.e., more than 90%. Decide yourself and all the best.


  • Nothing is secure. All you have is to get good score and prove yourself. Most of hires abroad is through campus and that too if company has requirement in foreign. Otherwise all hires are domestic. If you get domestic job then you will have to wait for few years so your company can file foreign work visa.
    If you aspire for foreign work only or settling foreign then either go for MS in abroad. Other way is do M Tech in India and do domestic job. The more education you have then better chances of getting jobs abroad and getting foreign work permit. MBA don't much offer foreign jobs so better to avoid if you have foreign aspirations.

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  • As you said you are graduated in Bechlor of Engineering than take your descision your own. Just follow your passion and pursue what you like. Anyway, the best option after BE is MBA because many of the engineering students and IT students preferring MBA to get memorial role in an organisation with expectation of high salary. Its a lucrative career option for engineer aspirants.

  • The question is M.Tech or M.B.A after B.Tech. You want to opt a teaching post after your studies go for M.Tech. You will get associate professor post in universities or colleges.

    If you want to pursue your career in industry, then go for MBA. B.Tech in a good college and MBA from a reputed institute will fetch you a post in good organisation.

    Decide on your interest and the take the decision. All the best.

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