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    Can a diabetic take natural honey? Is it harmful to health?

    Have a query about diabetic foods? Wondering if diabetics can take honey? Read responses from experts on this page.

    I have a serious doubt about diabetes. Honey is a good health drink. But pure honey is rarely seen. Honey available in the markets are adulterated with sugar. Sugar is harmful to diabetic patients.
    My question is - Can a diabetic take pure natural honey? Will it be harmful to the health of the diabetic patient? Diabetics and honey experts, can you respond to this query?
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  • Honey is considered as a natural sweetening agent. However, it does have sweetening effect and definitely does affect a diabetic patient.
    Both honey and sugar will affect your blood sugar level. Honey is sweeter than processed sugar, so you might use a smaller amount of honey for sugar in some recipes.
    Generally, there's no advantage to substituting honey for sugar in a diabetes eating plan.
    A combination of honey and cinnamon that has been used for centuries in both traditional Chinese and Ayurveda for diabetes
    Honey requires lower levels of insulin compared to regular white sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels as rapidly as table sugar, that is, it has a lower Glycemic Index than sugar.

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  • Honey in diabetic individuals do not increase blood sugar levels very rapidly when compared with sugar or glucose. It has lower glycemic index. It also increases rise in insulin in body which is what explains why blood sugar level does not rise to higher level when honey is consumed. Thus, honey can be consumed by diabetic individuals as a good replacement for sugar, Should not be consumed in excess cause though in small amount, but still it is known to increase blood sugar level. If an individual is rarely able to manage his diabetes then honey should not be included in his diet. However, if he is able to manage his diabetes well and also has normal weight then can use honey as a replacement for sugar.

  • The reply is informative and useful. Thank You. But I think it still has not addressed the question whether honey is harmful for people who have diabetes. It will be useful if somebody can throw more light on the subject.

  • Diabetes does not mean that one should be deprived of everything.
    The white sugar is a refined material without having any nutrients but only calories. Naturally occurring sweets like honey and most edible fruits contain many nutrients, essential compounds for body health and maintenance and also satisfy hunger and thirst apart from some calories.
    The per unit content of the sugar equivalent occurring in natural sweets is lesser than the white sugar in similar measure or quantum. Hence many natural sweet matters do not cause a sugar spike and get absorbed gradually. They are categorised with their glycaemic index also. However glycaemic index alone need not cause scare or encouragement. There are some other factors which regulate or spike glucose level.

    Hence the modern (as well as ancient) approach to diabetics is not to be starving , but regulate the intake with a balanced diet with all essential nutrient supplying food items in small quantum and with regular and systematic routine. In that way honey can be consumed by diabetics in regulation and moderation. There should not be negligence in physical activity and medication .However it is also essential to get the advise of the treating doctor and do periodical monitoring to evaluate the situation to decide on further course.

    Those who have the uncontrollable craving for sugar may as a substitute take a few drops of honey . As individual cases and tolerance can differ, It is better to monitor sugar levels and take medical advice.

  • Most of the packages honey is processed and less likely to be natural with preservatives added in it. Natural honey means you're getting it from locals who search and extract from woods and jungles. Which is in more raw form. Coming to the point of diabetic person - he can be suffering from low sugar or high sugar. And that means he or she needs to find that out before taking any form of sugar content. Natural honey in raw form creates lot of heat and it can be both good and bad for health. Usually natural honey may not be suitable for those suffering from high blood sugar. And mostly low blood sugar patients may take it that too not frequently. It is however worth asking to doctor for advice on intake of any form of sugar content.

  • There will be no harmfull if a diabeties person intake Natural or Herbal Honey enriched with Kesar, Tulsi and Ginger.

    1. Kesar: Crocus Sativs,
    2. Ginger: Zingiber officinale,
    3. Tulsi: Ocimum sanctum.

    Honey is a maraculous energetic and natural drink. It is not only the best food rather it is very useful for children and elderly people. It is used for centuries as a pure and natural remedy for promoting health and well being. It must be consumed on daily basis.

    Honey is a natural food which is beneficial for all age groups and has absolutely no harmful effects.

    1. Taking hot honey can be fatal, so avoid consuming hot honey. It shouldn't be consumed while working in hot enviroment or places where you are exposed to more heat.

    2. Avoid taking honey with meat, fish, jackfruit, radish, leafy vegetables, sugar, jaggery and ice.

    3. Never consume honey with equal quantity of oil, water and ghee.

    4. 50 gm. of honey should be taken 2-3 times a day. Children and diabeties patient shouldn't be given more than half (1/2) tea spoon of honey.

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