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    Travel the corners of our country

    Interested in traveling in India? Searching for the best places? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Many of us have dream to travel all around the world.
    I want to start my tour which covers all tourist places in India first, followed by neighboring countries.
    Can you suggest which area or state to travel and in which seasons?
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  • Sometimes we think that other place than where we lives are more beautiful and thus ignore our own nearby visiting place. India is of course incredible each place has its own beauty and rich culture with bonus of tasty food. If you want to start, start with your own states, Google it if you don't know any famous place your nearby, talk to your elders where you can go near by. Cover it one by one, also remember the weather of each places. Accordingly you can start your travelling mission.

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  • Here are some of the places worth going.

    1. Uttarakhand - A lot of places in this state are worth going for during summer. Auli, Mussoori, Hrishikesh, Carbett Park etc. And then there are some places worth going for solo travel here.

    2. Himachal Pradesh - Risky on many grounds but worth going for. It has some places which are not much explored. But one should go there during summer season.

    3. Assam & Meghalaya - Lot of areas worth going for. Maybe some regions in here are not safe but worth going for. Nature, art and the secluded places are documented in many documentaries, you may want to check before going.

    4. Rajasthan - Not much for greenery but for royal heritage and art and sightseeing is good there. You should go there during the January to March period. Not worth going during summer. Extremely hot if you are not used to it.

    5. Goa - This is another place apart from beach and stuff. You can check this place for the food, art and other sightseeing.

    These are five states that I can think of for travelling during summer mostly. During rainy season and winter, there are other places.

  • Weather wise October to February is the generally good season to travel in our country. This season one can travel in any part of the country. This is because the monsoons would have subsided by October. The NE monsoon may start in the eastern coast states. From November onwards the major parts of the country will start experiencing pleasant cool weather and some parts will have extreme cool weather during December to early February. But cool weather is more tolerable with proper clothing than the extreme hot weather conditions in the March to May end season. Summer season travel is more suitable to hill stations and the states of Kerala,Karnataka and the hill stations in the northern and southern states.
    However people choose to have different purposes and enjoyment. For example, the monsoon season of June to September is suitable for those who enjoy the heavy rains and full flowing rivers and lakes in Goa, Karnatak, Maharahtra, Kerala . The popular water falls like Kuttalam and those in the Nagercoil, Tirunelveli belt can be best visited during the god rains in Kerala. Similarly there are many other water falls in TN, Karnataka also.
    January-February is good season to visit Munnar in Kerala. That can be combined with the backwater tour staying in houseboats etc. The period January onwards is the season of many local festivals in the country and those who like to see the local culture and traditional habits and local cuisine can use this season for touring.
    Those who have not been much familiar with water bodies can take a tour of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where you can have the hills, lakes, rivers and sea. The house boat stay in Kerala will be good for viewing live fishing and cooking fresh caught fish, for those who relish that. The hills of TN, Kerala and Karnataka have the spices cultivation and tea and coffee plantations.
    Indian Railways have their packages in different categories. IRCTC announces such packages periodically.
    You may not be able to cover all states in one stretch of a tour, but can visit a few states n one package. As of now, your tout destinations can be the hill stations like in Northern states and North East state and a few places like Ooty, Kodaikanal,Yercaud etc in Tamil Nadu. But if one can tolerate the hot weather then relatively the four southern states except a few parts of Andhra –Telegana are okay. Maharashtra and Goa also can be toured this season.

  • I suggest you to travel the important places of Bihar. You may travel Patna,Gaya,Rajgir,Nalanda and Vaishali.You may
    see the longest river bridge here.You may travel Mathura and Varanshi,great places for tourists from the world.You may travel to Ujjain and visit MahaKaleshwar temple. You go to see the Taj Mahal in Agra.Besides these you go to Delhi and visit the historical places of importance.

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  • Shimla
    Four metro cities in India
    Pune to Mumbai - entire places

  • Indian states tourism itself have independent websites. There was Bharat Ek Khoj TV serial if you are interested then spend some time and watch before you start your journey. It explains everything history till current life of India.
    You must start from South and end in Gujarat. If all Visa permits you can visit all neighboring countries Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan. Must visit 12 Shiv Jyotirlinga places. There are lot of hill stations and national forests. Before starting your journey study the visiting state in all aspect.

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  • Nagaland is a state of hotspot for tourism in Northeast India. The best tourist places are tabulated below.

    1. Dimapur: Dimapur is the biggest city in the state of Nagaland. It is also considered the best spot of tourist destination. One can visit Dimapur Green Park and Kachari of Ruins.

    2. Kohima:
    Kohima is the main Capital of Nagaland. One can explore: Kohima War Cemetery, Naga Bazaar(Organic food), Kohima Zoo, Kohima Museum, Dzukou Vally and Mount Japfu Peak.

    3. Wokha:
    Wokha is the land of Lotha Nagas. The best places and tourist spots are: Okha Rani Hills, Island and Doyang Nallas.

    4. Mokokchung:
    It belongs to Ao Nagas. If you are a food lover, and explorer, visit and you'll realize the importance of Naga culture, traditional memories and Attires.

    5. Mon:
    Mon is a must visit tourist destination. You might have learn the name from History TV channel OMG! Yeah Mera India. The Konyak Nagas are famed for warriors with tatoos on body and they are well known as Aangs (Kings) and descendants of the NOAH. The best places are: Longwa Village and Mynmar Border.

    6. Kiphire:
    The land of Sangtam Nagas with rich in culture and peaks. You need a Pass or letter from District Magistrate to visit Kiphire. The best spot in this land is Saramati Peak.

    7. Tuensang:
    The Chang Nagas are the Tribal and Landlords of Tuensang District and Main Headquarter of Nagaland. Places to visit are: Living Stone of Tuensang, Long Tharok Village, Longkhim, Holongba, Chare, Yangli and Aboi.

    These are the best places and hotspot for tourist destination in Northeast India.

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