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    What is best to pursue after Class 12 commerce - graduate with CA or Law?

    Unsure whether to do graduate and do Chartered Accountancy after Class 12 or do graduation and a law course? Get expert advice and guidance on your future career path.

    I have just completed my 10+2 in commerce. I am confused between selecting between my further choices - B.Com. with CA or + LLB. Please advise which would be the better choice in terms of a future career.
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  • While pursuing a career one of the important aspect is aptitude.

    As you have done 10+2 with commerce it is evident that you are comfortable in a business environment.

    Now CA is more to financial side and you will have to learn financial packages and financial analysis of companies or business enterprises, their balance sheet and profit and loss accounts and many other similar analyses which a company requires for its stake holders or for tax purposes.

    The other line that is law is a bit different and deals with legal framework and it's implications for companies or individuals. Understanding legal intricacies comes with experience. Every country is governed by law and order and anything going against it comes under the purview of legal scrutiny. By and large law is a vast subject.

    You have to see aptitude wise which line is more suiting to you or which one is looking to you more attractive in terms of your abilities. I hope this will help you in taking a decision for your career.

    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are lots of option to do after 12 commerce, you can go with CA is good than a law. Many of the students choose Bechlor of commerce( than go with CA. There are many of the professional CA who are first completing their graduation with B.Com. Just follow your passion and pursue what you like. Your career descision should be taken by keeping in mind your own intrest and what you want to become in life. A person who takes the right career descisions at the right time can very well enjoy the career path he has choosen.

  • In the career path, nothing seems to be wrong or right and success can be attained with your own passion. Now let us look at the different options which you can choose to make your career meaningful.
    If you have a tremendous flare for the Charted Accountancy and want to exert your influence in the Accountancy - field, you should persue for an attainment of graduation from the commerce side and simentenously enrol your self in a leading Institute imparting you valuable guide in the preparation of CA. Since time has to be utilised judgiously so that you crack both with outstanding results, inputs from the professional institute will help you in achieving your goal with a considerable ease. Here only your passion would yield a positive result.
    The other aspect would be to switch over the LLB course after your commerce graduation in case, you have the fascination for making a career in Law such as to be a successful advocate in a court but you need to weigh your own skill how successfully you can represent the facts in law angle. It will depend upon your interest followed by an urge to excel well in the assigned field.
    Hence before proceeding to your ultimate goal, a little home - work would be required to be done so that you can lead a glorious life in terms of your career.

  • I think you need to approach your career options realistically. You cant choose something which appears best to you based on market demand. That sort of career choice does not make you happy but it may make you money alone. So I suggest checking out with what you like first. Then find out how you can go for the career option. For example, you choose the CA based on the market demand, but if you can't keep up with the efforts, that may not be a good option. But if you can do it then it can turn out to be a good career option. For most of the commerce graduates, CA is lot beneficial than the law career. But if by any chance CA does not work out for you, then law can be one more option. There are also other options like financial advisors and cyber law and corporate law which can be a good career option as well.

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