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    Age criteria to get admission in a cricket academy

    Wondering if you would be eligible to join a professional cricket academy at age 20? Learn from experts if there is any age criteria as such for entry into a cricket academy for formal training in the sport.

    I m 20 yrs old. I am very much interested in cricket. I want to play cricket at a high level. Till now I was playing gully cricket. I want to join a professional cricket academy. So can you please advice me if it is possible to join a cricket academy at the age of 20 and get professional coaching to develop a career as a cricketer.
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  • Very much possible. As such no age bar for any sports or cricket as long as you are fit.
    If you are good player then definitely a coach will monitor and pick you for coaching. Otherwise you have to pay coach or academy fees of coaches. They teach commonly to all. So make sure not to delay more further if you are interested. Also the academy don't pick anyone directly with your age. So you should have good connections and good performance in front of them if given chance. If not then you can hire independently coach for you and try your luck getting into academy. It is much struggling and you should have patience to continue. All the best.

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  • You can easiely get admission in cricket academy because there is not any restriction for admission in cricket. If you are fit and playing well than no one can stop you from playing.
    Sachin tendulkar join cricket at 16 year and some are 45 years above cricketers were playing cricket. South africa captain is also join cricket at 43years so this proves that there is no age of playing cricket.

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