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    Want a new name for my house

    Planning to name your house? Searching for names which related to communism? On this Ask Expert page you can check out responses from experts.

    I am building a new home in Kerala. I want a name for the the house which should be something related to communism. Communism means not communist party. I like the ideology of communism. Can you suggest some names?
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  • Naming a new house is always a thrill. Every person has his own liking of names and accordingly he selects the one. In this case the choice is related to communism philosophy so some suggestions are -
    1. Com Vila.
    2. Lenin Vila.
    3. Equality Cottage.
    4. Communalaya.
    5. House de Commune.
    6. Marx Banglow.

    These are only indicative, one can use his imagination by adding sir name or family name in them to make them look more personal.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Ok. Thanks! If you have any more suggestion, please add.

  • My suggestion:

    Proletariat commune.

    But would you like to convert your own house a commune?

    Then the second choice is:

    Abode of Proletariat

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Naming your house should be an enjoyable and beneficial experience, but the actual choice of name should receive serious consideration.

    A good starting point in naming your house is to ensure you're not duplicating a name that already exists in your local area or post-code area – this could cause problems. Walk the streets, see what names are already in use, and if there are any constants or common themes to the house names in your area.

    Aabharana Jewel
    Aalayam Home
    Aastha Faith
    Aavaas Home
    Akshi Existence
    Alakapuri A mythical city in the Himalaya
    Anmol Priceless
    Bhuvana The earth
    Bhuvi Heaven
    Cauvery A river
    Hamara Ghar our house
    Hem Gold; Lord Buddha
    Hemaadri Mountain of gold
    Hemaprabha Golden light
    Hima Snow
    Himalaya A great mountain
    Idha Insight
    Iha Wish
    Ihita Desire
    Ijaya Sacrifice
    Ila Earth
    Vanmala Wild flower garland
    Vrishab Excellent
    Yashica Success
    Yashila Famous

  • First I would like to congratulate you for building a house, because building house and getting our children married is a great work that we do and its our responsibility also. Now coming to your query, always name your house by your mother's name.I think you should not go by your communism. By keeping your mother's name will make her happy that your giving such a respect to her, or else you can name your house by parents name. For you to be there they have struggled a lot with many sacrifice which will be not known to you. But still I would give some names which I have read in some houses "Abida, Fadila, Karima, Naziha" These were names I usually see in my lane. But I don't no the exact meaning.

  • Firstly I would like to congratulate you for purchase of new house. Now you want to know some names for your house which will be relate with communism.

    I am giving here some names which relates with communism:

    1. Haven Villa
    2. Rebel Cottage
    3. Melor Home
    4. Heven Home
    5. Rebel Villa
    6. Melor Cottage

    You can also add your parents' name or your surname in there house names for making it more beautiful.

  • If you want your gothram can be your house name. Our gotram is srivatsa. I named my house as srivatss.
    You can name your house by your star name.
    Bharani is a star name. House can be named after this. Saket nivas is a very good nivas.

    always confident

  • As you are from Kerala, you can try some names in Malayalam also.


    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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