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    What is the email address of United Bank of India

    Having a query for United Bank of India? Searching for information online? The responses on this page shall be useful to resolve your query.

    What is the email address of United Bank of India for customer queries ?
    Are charges levied by the bank for resetting Internet banking password and User Id ?
    What are the charges for availing Debit Card?
    How long does it take to reset net banking password,user id and availing Debit Card?
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  • (a) The United Bank of India Customer Helpline No. is 1800-345-0345. There is no specific e-mail id for grievance redressal. But there is an online greivance redressal system. Please check:

    (b) The PSU banks charge very nominal annual fee from the debit card holders. It is less than Rs. 100/- per year.

    (c) The user id and net banking password are reset within 24 hours. However, to get the debit card, you have to wait for 7-10 days.

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  • United Bank of India Office Email ID:

  • As you must be aware that United Bank of India has many branches in cities and suburbs. Every branch has its own contact details. Therefore, the email id also varies from branch to branch. Since you did not mention the branch name for which you want the email id, I am providing here the email id of the United Bank of India head office in Kolkata. You can post your queries at Although, my suggestion would be to either directly meet the banking personnel or call them at their branch office.
    Again, since you did not mention the branch name, I am giving you the contact number of the head office, which is, 02240429100. Sometime banking information are best received by in person meeting. So my suggestion is that take time and visit the UBI branch office and clarify your queries.
    Now coming to the queries that you have posted here:
    • No charges are incurred on issuing your first debit card. Similarly no charges for setting or resetting your net banking password. In fact, people who use net banking reset their banking passwords from time to time, so that they don't fall prey to any cyber crime.You should also change your net banking password often.
    • To initiate internet banking you must login to the official website of United Bank of India and download the form. Fill the form and submit it online. You can either choose to get a password for your account initiated by the bank or you can set it yourself. In fact, a banking personnel will also advise you to reset this password after certain amount of time. For debit or credit cards, you have to go to the branch office, ask for the form, fill it up and submit it there. It takes a week or two to get the debit card at most. It will at your postal address. Initially no charges are incurred for your first debit card. But once you loose it, you have to inform the bank, then they will charge you for the duplicate., The charges are very nominal and could around Rs.100-150.
    • Lastly, you ca change your net banking password online. The time you take to login to your account and change the password is the time taken to change the password. For debit cards, you have pin numbers. You can go to your nearest ATM and change the pin number by swiping your card instantly.

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