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    Want to know about right career opportunity after CDAC

    Want to pursue a course in CDAC? Confused about the courses and future opportunities? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I have completed my MCA and now want to do a course in CDAC.
    But I am confused. what course should I do in CDAC: wireless and mobile computing or any other? What are the job opportunities after doing this course? Can I get a government job?
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  • According to me your degree is quite enough to achieve a good job. Because CDAC course may not help you much because it is equivalent to PG degree where your already having PG graduation. To achieve a good job attend interview and try to improve your confidence level. To get a job satisfaction you need to develop personal development skills to impress the interviewer and prove yourself that your are eligible for the job you have applied. First you get a job have experience and then if necessary in your field then join CDAC course. What ever course and certificate you have finally that particular company where you get a job will train you for a certain period to know the job in detail. So its better you first get a job and then think of CDAC course.

  • Hi,
    As you have done your MCA degree, so it is enough to get a good job. You can apply for teaching jobs like in schools or in colleges. Apply for part time lectureship jobs. Then you can do such courses from CDAC without wasting your excess time. You can also apply for other Govt. jobs and as you are from a technical field, there is lots of chances in private sector jobs also. So first go for a job and then pursue CDAC courses side by side, which will be more beneficial for you.

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    CDAC provides good platform to learn.

    The more you learn , better are the chances of getting placed.

    I am sure, you will get at least one chance to appear for the selection process of reputed company (which , I think , is rare for fresher without CDAC/or if he is not from Reputed Institute)

    It is up to you how hard you study in the course , in order to convert the chances.

    Even cdac doesn't even know which companies will visit after this session ends. So it's not good that anyone of us predict about placements. You go to cdac to learn. But no one gives you placement assurance. They are good in their work and you better be good in yours. They have to maintain the value of their institutes so they'll try to bring maximum companies for placements. DESD had 100% placements earlier but that time seats were less. Unfortunately now it's not the case. Even I have seen MTech students in IITs who didn't get placed in any companies.

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