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    Is this possible to trace exact and live location of a mobile handset through SIM card number?

    Wondering if it is possible to locate the current specific location of a cell phone through the SIM number? Check with experts here if this is a possibility and if yes how to do so.

    There are many phone tracing websites and apps online, but none of them is as such able to track the exact and live location of any handset merely by it's SIM card number. Is this possible? How to trace it's live and exact location?
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  • Every SIM card has the IMEI number. This is identifier for the nearest tower that your mobile number is in loop with the service provider. Regardless of which service providers tower is there, you are in sync with the centralized system. So your device is being used as beacon to locate yourself. Every telecom provider can locate your number and location if they want to. As this is privacy violation to track anyone personally. In such case they do it if the police FIR and the Govt ordered the telecom operator to do that. This is how many police officers find out locations of many convicts if they make use of the mobile. As you can see this method works because your mobile and the nearest telecom tower is in sync. In many criminal cases this has been in use and may even be used to locate the missing people and other instances as well.

  • Thank you mahesh ji, actually my sister has been missing since 14th of this month.Subsequently we reported to our nearest police station and you know our police as they took to track her's switch off handset four days .By them we came to know that their last location was siliguri(west bengal) and therefore they couldn't track where they marched ahead..One day one of her's friend received a call from her which was nepal's number.Which we had given to police but still they are doing processes and formalities. So i would want to know if someone here in ISC who can trace mobile with the help of SIM Card number.

  • It is not possible to trace handset through mobile number only because thief throw away a sim card from the phone than how could we find. If you have International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your phone than it will easy to find your stolen or missing mobile phone. Just go to police station and file FIR that your mobile phone is missing and take the copy of this FIR with IMEI number and contact the service provider of your phone. They will block the mobile phone, making it useless until it is found. Don't left to ask for blocking the SIM card also. They trace the location of the mobile phone using its IMEI number using the global positioning system, within few hours they will find stolen mobile phone.

  • With the advanced tools and communication system we currently have in this modern era, nothing seems difficult or impossible.

    Track a location with GPS & Google Earth:
    Tracking location is considered illegal and you might be sentenced to imprisoned according per IT ACT. However, one can try Google Earth for GPS to track down the last location if the culprit or someone whom you spying had distroyed the Subscriber Identidy Module (SIM).

    File the First Information Report to your neariest Police Station:
    This is a legal process. You must report or take actions or file an FIR only after Twenty Four Hours. Police can easily track down the last location in seconds. Provide them the IMEI no. or Mobile Phone IMEI no. which you want to track. In case, if possible, give them the Mobile IMEI no. Even if they destroy the SIM Card, with the IMEI no of mobile they can hunt down no matter anywhere they put off in earth unless the phone isn't switched off.

    Post a Notice or Wanted or Missing notice with Photo of the person:
    This is highly recommended if you want the person at any cost. You can book your Ad Space in Newspaper and post a lost, missing information with high resolution image in clear format. This may cost you some charges. Anyhow, include your phone no and address in the Ad information, so when if people notice the person, they'll inform you.

    Last but not least, the last option is recommended if they had destroyed both the SIM and phone.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • The mobile service provider will have the location of the phone with reference to the mobile signal tower to which it gets linked. However if the phone is active with data on and has the GPS facilities linked to Facebook account etc. and on and open, then the locations would have got recorded in such account logs automatically. That would help to trace the approximate location or movement path.

    these information will not be easily divulged by the service operators . They may need solid justification from the police or aw enforcing authorities, from the duly authorised official. Mostly these take some time and procedure, unless the case is very sensational and got high media attention. Even then getting information from Facebook etc. is difficult. But Local mobile operators may oblige better to the police.

    The police can trace the person who is using the phone and SIM in case that is stolen, and still in use.
    While posting this, I also offer and convey my prayers for the safe return of the missing person.

    Please co-operate and liaise with the police as well as doing your own enquiries to all those who would have contacts and communication with your sister.

  • As all our previous members have explained. Its possible by IMEI number in our cell phone. We should always save this number in our records the moment the cell phone is lost when you lodge a complaint they will trace your sim and as well our cellphone in the location where it is active now. The exact trace is done by the same IMEI number in our cell phone.

  • @#14246424, Even if we don't save,we can get it, when police send the phone number to trace. Because by it's previous call record police can retrieve it's imei code from telecom industry.But in general it is illegal to trace someone's location as it is a matter of privacy. But there are some peoples or websites who claim that they can trace live location of the mobile mere by phone number if the number wouldn't been throw out of the phone.

  • As per your question you want to track the phone with the SIM card number. But if it is removed from your phone, you can not track it. However each SIM card has its own IEMI number, from which the phone can be tracked from the nearest tower location of any mobile service provider. but now the question arises what next if the SIM get destroyed or thrown away from the phone. Then you can also track the phone. For anti theft purpose each mobile has an unique IEMI number by which you can track it.

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