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    How I can get a good job in IT sector?

    Aspiring to join the IT industry? Searching for details about this sector? On this Ask Expert page you can get answers to all your queries.

    What practice should I do to get that job in IT sector? What are the fields in it? What are the job opportunities in IT sector and where are the IT sector companies located in India?
    At present I am completing my graduation in information technology engineering and I would like to do a good job in it field.
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  • IT industry is the best paying sector but at the same time, the aspirant has to show his consistent performance in the Information - technology consisting of different modules such as Java, C++, Oracle, SAP etc. In order to have a grand entry in this sector, there are different options first being a student of a distinguished Institute having unique rapport in teaching in the Engineering - college - not necessarily related to Computer or IT streams but a student of different branches other than computer or IT say Mechanical, Electrical, Civil etc may find a lucrative offer in the campus - Interview organised by his college. However, the aspirants must have impressive academic career in their chosen streams apart from sound capability in the presentation - skill during the interview - session.
    The other option would be to attend the job - Fare organised by the different software companies where the aspirants have to prove their merit in different rounds comprising a written test in the stream which an aspirant has opted in his Engineering - college followed by a reasoning test, an oral test to evaluate the intrinsic capability of the aspirant and lastly the Medical - test to examine the physical and mental status of the aspirant. If the aspirant is fit in all the said tests, he would be recruited.
    The other way would be to search a job by means of on line portals such as or by responding to the advertisements appearing in the leading News - papers.
    With regard to your query regarding the jobs in IT, it has multiple openings such as C++, Java, Linux, Oracle, SAP etc and each module needs talented brain. You need to have sound grasp over the module you selected for your specialisation.
    There is a tremendous growth for the high performers and most of prestigious IT companies are located in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad , Noida, Kolkata etc.

  • You have asked a question. Good. But you have not given any information about your present status. Are you studying or doing any job. If you are a student what class are you in. In the absence of these details I can give you a general guide lines for this.
    You should have a qualification of graduation. Chances are better for Engineers than other graduates. Engineering degree from a good Institute can fetch you a good job in a good IT firm.
    Basing on the background of your college good companies will conducted campus interviews for fresh recruitment. They select the good students for the posts.

    Another way is off campus interviews. Some companies conducted interviews for some group of colleges in one college. If your college is in that group you can attend for the interview.

    Another way is if you have any known person is working with any IT company, they give a facility to their employees to upload the bio data of known person for the existing vacancies.

    You can also be in touch with news papers for various employment notifications and apply.

    always confident

  • As per your query if your very much keen for being an IT professional then you need to have some personal development skills, leadership qualities. For getting a job in IT you can complete any degree. As I have observed IT companies check only Leadership qualities and the appearance in the interview and the way you present yourself and also you confidence level. Because what ever degree we have is just any entry for IT Industry but to achieve that we should develop some active qualities which can give a good opinion that why we should be selected for that job. First your complete your degree and then apply to Small IT companies to have experience and then try to go in for your desired profession in IT.

  • IT sector is still a sector of opportunities. If you are in a reputed college and in the top students, you can get through in campus recruitment otherwise you will have to see some top internet sites ( like -, in, in, in etc) where information regarding various jobs is classified.

    If you have aptitude for networking, web designing and web related jobs you may have to do some short course like Microsoft certified courses on these areas.

    You may be choosy in the beginning for the type of job but do not hesitate in joining some middle level job also because you can gain a lot of experience and technicalities there.

    If you have aptitude for teaching you can opt for same even in a temporary capacity because this will push up your knowledge manifold.

    Appearing in various centralized exams in government or interviews in various top industrial houses is the common option which most of the students apply and this you can find out from newspapers or job portals.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you are not selected in campus interview at your college before passing out then you need to give some effort to find IT job from outside. First of all make basic decisions before starting job search in IT like in what role you are interested to work in for example whether you want to be a software developer (programmer) or you are interested in software testing or technical support and accordingly review your skill sets and sharpen them. Other decision you need to make is that in which domain you want to work in IT as there are jobs in multiple domains like telecom, mobile, embedded, web based, cloud computing etc. If you are OK for any kind of domain then it's OK but my experience is that better to make such decisions in beginning of the career based on your interest rather than trying to switch to the job of your interest once you have gathered experience in your current area of work as it will be difficult for you because already gathered some experience in the domain you have already worked on and now to change to new domain your past experience will not be considered relevant. You will definitely not want to start in new domain from scratch. Cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai has most opportunity for IT professional in India so when you are starting your search for IT job and you do not belong to big city it makes sense to stay in any of these cities for about 6 months and try to find a job. Reason for this is that if you stay in small town and from there you remotely apply to companies in these big cities it will be very difficult to get interview calls as companies get enough candidates locally who can come and attend interview in short notice so they do not prefer to call outstation candidates as far as possible as it's more time consuming and also they may need to reimburse to and fro travelling fares for the candidate.

  • IT companies are mainly located in
    • Chennai
    • Gurugram
    • Pune
    • Hyderabad
    Please try for a Campus placement. Start preparing and take a note of the following points: -
    1) Make a note of colleges that have off campus placement.
    2) Get in touch with friends and siblings already in IT sector. Tell them to refer you.
    3) Try to be a master in one of the programming language like java,.NET, PHP etc.
    4) Appear in every single test. Don't take care of the salary. You will gain experience.
    5) Try to improve your English as it plays a crucial role in your career

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