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    What should I study in BTech Computer Engineering

    Confused about what to study in BTech Computer Engineering? Searching for resolution to your query online? Check out this Ask Expert page and resolve your confusion.

    I have done my Diploma in Computer Engineering at SRM University, Chennai.
    Next I want to opt for higher studies like BTech or B.E
    But I have a doubt in taking my course. In BTech instead of studying BTech in Computer Engineering, are there other courses like game designing or game making, android development etc..?
    So what should I study in BTech ?

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    The department offers B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Vision and Image Processing. Regular interaction with software companies has helped the department in maintaining its syllabus abreast with technology and industrial standards. The rigorous learning environment has helped make students job-ready.

    Right combination of courses from Humanities, Basic Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science
    Mathematics courses to supplement the Computer Science requirements
    Unique course in India on "Computational Thinking for Problem Solving" to aid in better logical thinking and strengthen programming skills
    Innovative use of tools and programming languages like Scratch, Raptor, Python and Visual Java
    Industry case studies in courses like Software Engineering, Database Management Systems and Data Mining
    Project based courses to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science
    Courses reflecting industry trends like Machine Learning and Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, OS for Smart Devices, Pervasive Computing, Big Data Analytics, etc
    Open Labs for tech geeks and coders to take up competitive coding
    Curriculum prepares the students towards internship at industries, Research labs and Exchange Programmes at International Universities
    Support for publications, patenting and entrepreneurship .
    this is based on b-tec .

  • You have completed your Diploma in computer engineering. Now you can join in 2nd year of B.Tech/B.E. computer science or information technology. You can't opt other subjects like ECE, Electronics etc.. As far as I know the other subjects you are mentioned are not degree courses. They are only certificate courses. For a better career prospectus you can join in B.Tech and simultaneously you can join in these certificate courses. Then the chances of getting into good company will be high.

    always confident

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    Its good you have a diploma in Computer Engineering. Since Diploma is also the basic after the 10th standard it has its own value of joining the academic institution. Direct second year in B.Tech is a good option and in the field of computer Engineer is the best choice for the future. Since the Game designing are the industrial educations and also there are some universities offer B.Tech in Game Designing also nowadays. If you opt for the Game designing it will be easy for you to travel you dream courses in addition to the industrial educations also from a reputed IT Training centers have android developments also along with Game designing. The training is entirely different from the academic education in B.Tech in Game Designing.

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