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    Why is the head light always on in BS_IV vehicles?

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    Recently Supreme Court has given a ruling that 1 April onward only BS-IV vehicles can be sold and registered in India. BS-IV vehicle's head light is always on even during day time. There is no switch to put off the light off. This will cause the filament life to be shortened and unnecessary energy loss. I want to know why the government and auto dealers has designed BS-IV so?
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    The government has issued the notification that all new two-wheeler s manufactured in the country from 1st April 2017 on wards 'automatic headlamp on' system will be mandatory on motorcycles. with automatic headlamp on' System, Riders won't have the option to switch off the Head Light as there is no switch to turn off. Earlier, the Supreme Court-appointed committee on road safety had also pushed the proposal considering
    Benefits of Automatic Headlamp On;
    1.It will help in reducing crashes involving two-wheeler s.
    2.It helps other to recognise your vehicle position in foggy / dusty environment condition.
    3.The vehicles in the front would able to recognise your vehicle through the reflection of your vehicle headlamp in the rear view mirror.
    this is designed by the auto engineers and by government

  • Yes, This is an order of Supreme Court for all the manufacturer of all the vehicles. It is assumed that if the head light of vehicles is turned on even in day times the chances of collisions and accidents are less by few percentage. It has been copied from some European countries.
    They say that if the head light of the vehicles are turned ON then chances of Accidents less by 1-2%. This was the reason all the vehicle manufacturer has been ordered by SC to set the Head Light ON and there is not any switch for it. Vehicles owner need not to worry about cell and energy. It is set directly from the engine so head lights will not consume any battery's power. When your vehicle is ON the head lights will be ON as well.

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