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    Guidance to pursue career in field of MSc Statistics

    Aspiring to study MSc Statistics and take up a teaching career in it? Learn from experts if it is possible to pursue M.Sc. Stats after an Arts graduate degree or the other options open to you.

    I am at present studying B.A. in Economics with subjects Economics, Computer Science, Quantitative Techniques. What to do next after this if I have to pursue the field of lectureship? What are the necessary courses for this field? Is it possible to opt for MSc Statistics? Can you provide further details?
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  • As you do not have Statistics among any of your subjects, MSc in Statistics may not be possible for you as per my knowledge. If you want to do Msc in statistics then you must have to study BSc i Statistics which is popularly known as B Stat or must have to study at least 300 marks in Statistics paper in graduation time.

  • The essential condition for admission in M.Sc( Statistics) for an aspirant is that he must have passed his graduation level with Mathematics as one of his subjects. Since you have not opted Mathematics as one of your papers, it is unlikely to get admission in M.Sc(Statistics) as per existing norms. In case, an aspirant has undertaken B.Sc( Statistics) and have secured a minimum percentage of 55 at the graduation level, the chances for admission for post graduate admission in Statistics multiplies.
    There are some universities conducting written tests in order to ensure the potentials of the aspirants and the same is followed by the final interview by the concerned authorities.
    In your case, it would be better to persue Economics at your Post - graduation level since this subject has wide career - prospects.

  • A graduation either B.A. or B.Sc with mathematics is essential for post graduation in statistics.
    If you are B A you will get M A. If you are B.Sc you will get M Sc.
    So for you there is no chance for Post graduation in statistics. Instead you can go for Post graduation in computer science as you have that subject in your graduation. Many universities are offering this course. You can try for that. Otherwise Economics can be pursued.

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  • As you do not have Mathematics in your B.A., You can not pursue post graduation in Statistics. Now you have two options with you which are equally prospective.

    First is go for a post graduation in Economics and if you get good score you can apply for lecturership in various colleges/ universities.

    The second option is to go for M.Sc. in Computer Science. This is a very prospective subject and today when everything is going to be digitized and computer oriented, there will be sufficient job opportunity.

    You have to find out the colleges offering these courses and apply for admissions.

    If you want detailed information on colleges, eligibility, syllabus, prospects etc then go to the following or similar sites -

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  • The eligibility criteria for M.Sc in statistics is graduation degree in B.Sc with statistics/ B.Sc with Mathematics and computer science. After completing B.A you can pursue your studies in M.A economics/ M.Sc in computer science and take up lectureship. Job opportunities for computers is excellent and you find jobs in varied sectors. You can also opt for advanced studies. Find the details of courses that suits your interests on ISC course pages for details on admission process, eligibility requirements, and the universities that offers the courses in the country.

  • I have read the entire question. Your subjects in Graduation (B.A) are Economics, Computer Science, Quantitative Techniques. You are eligible to take admission in M.A (not in M.Sc.) either in Economics or in Mathematics. So far as Computer Science is concerned, as far as I know, this course is not offered in M.A in any University of India, and you are not eligible to take admission in M.Sc.

    Same issue comes in case of Statistics also. In Indian Universities, Statistics is offered in MSc. and not in M.A. You can't take admission in M.Sc(Statistics) as you are pursuing B.A.

    The basic rule is: A student of B.Sc. can take admission in M.A in future. But a student of B.A is not allowed to study M.Sc. later.

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