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    Why are my AdSense earnings stuck at $97?

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    My AdSense earnings are not getting updated since a week. In the Today section of my AdSense homepage, it is showing that I am making 0.20 to.0.40 $ everyday. But the same is not getting added to my estimated earnings.

    When I check the same on AdSense Android app, it is showing that my earnings have crossed $105.

    It is a Hosted account activated using IndiaStudyChannel.

    I am confused. Can you help?
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  • First, this question should have asked to the concerned Webmaster. You can contact or sent a Private Message to Webmaster of IndiaStudyChannel regarding the issue if you are earning $0.020 to $0.40 with minus (-) percentage and earning of estimated and Balance Vert are not getting updated.

    Second, go to Adsense and sign in with your account. Under the "My Sites", click and you will se the blogs, websites and hosted sites. Find and Verify the site.

    Third, if you notice you yesterday's earnings, for example $0.15, today's earnings $0.10, you are more likely to see -$0.05 and -65%, -50%, etc. When the Cost Per Click (CPC) becomes (1%) to 5 or 10 and 1000 impressions, your earning from the hosted sites will get updated at the end of month when Webmaster announces Adsense bonus.

    New members, are likely to see this vague or encounter such issues. Wait and keep contributing to boost your earnings by writing articles and posting answers in Ask Expert section. The CPC, CPM will gradually improve.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • I think this could be stats issue than real problem. Some of the time android app shows accurate stat where as the desktop based site does not. And vice versa. So you can see you have to check if the connection to your adsense with this hosted account is properly setup. You also have to check out if there are views properly recorded. I think this way you can easily find out what could be the issue. In most extreme scenario, you can ask the google support forums for adsense. They can provide you with the answer.

  • Recently, I had raised the same issue on Google AdSense forums, to which I received the following information.

    Basically, the AdSense Dashboard of any individual displays two forms of earnings-

    1) Estimated Earnings- These are not the accurate earnings but a rough estimate of how much you might have made Today or in a week or a month or say, in any given period. This earning shown in this section has to go through various algorithms or filters set by AdSense's internal system.

    Different checks are made by the AdSense to deduct the amounts that got earned for fraud clicks, traffic from certain sources, possibly from social media. We do not really have much accurate information about all the different checks that AdSense considers while finalizing the earnings.

    2) Balance - This section displays the 'Finalized Earnings' your account has made. The amount shown in this section is the actual withdrawable amount which is expected to be sent to us upon reaching $100 threshold.

    It is to be noted that the Estimated earnings of an AdSense account are more or less real-time, and they keep updating frequently. However, the Balance (Finalized earnings) only get updated once in a month or a similar time period.

    This is the reason why a Balance of $97 seems 'stuck' at $97. The publisher should patiently wait for the month to end, and the earnings of the current month will soon get reflected in the Balance section, for sure.

    Also, the Adsense app for Android does not display the Finalized earnings, but Estimated earnings. This is why the amount displayed on standard AdSense website and the one shown on AdSense Android app are never similar. The only best to source to know Finalized earnings is by visiting the regular website of AdSense.

    Ank Arya

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