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    Is a career in hacking a good choice?

    Wondering if a career in hacking a good choice? Looking out for its future online? Find guidance from experts on this page.

    I am currently completing my IT engineering degree. Is a career in Hacking a good choice for a girl?
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  • Your query is not clear to give you a correct suggestion but as I understood I think your are asking that hacking software is a good choice for a girl. Any job with legal permission is always good to assist you more about it. I need you to be more clear in your query.

  • Just because your a girl, you need not worry about carer in hacking. For that matter in this present era gender is not a matter for eligibility or discrimination. There may be a very les number of jobs where females are not preferred for reasons of their safety and convenience.

    The main thing you have to understand is that when we say 'hacking' here we mean only 'ethical hacking' which is supported and needed by the law enforcing agencies and the agencies detecting crimes, and also by the software protection and safety agencies or those engaged in lawfully permitted internet -online safety products manufacture and research.

    If you feel that you have the conviction to research and locate loopholes and vulnerabilities in software affecting the devices using software, and the sincerity and dedication to support and aid the law enforcing agencies and never to utilise the knowledge and information for any negative use, then you can proceed to take up the career in 'ethical hacking'.

    It is dedicated and sincere youngsters like you who are now helping the nation and its defence and law enforcing agencies (remaining without public glare and without advertisement) in cracking the many attacks in cyber world that affect our defence, reputation, business and even normal individual privacy.

    However this career has not come as a major career opening even now here. You ca try if you know the field and have the necessary knowledge in the field.

  • Software Developer, Programmer or Software Engineer who are proficient and quite good conversant writing Lines of Program Codes have had pursued and completed their hacking career. There are two types of hackers and they are:

    People who are proficient in writin program codes, manipulate data, find bugs and glitches and develop standalone softare are also hacker. However, I would say that most developers in Frellancer, Indeed, and Elance are females who are expert in programming. They usually from US, Japan, UK, Phillipines and India. My answer is, offcourse, a females can go for this career and opt in.

    These people are elite programmer who can hack any network security, computers and encryted servers. If you are asking for suggestion for this career, then here is a Big No! from my end. They are considere to perform illegal actions or activities either for fun, reward or to disgrace someone or hurt company's reputation.

    The programming and software development is the choice.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Hackers are hired as a security analyst in heuristics department in companies such as CISCO, Symantec and few others. As you can see these hackers here have to find the security holes from the system. And then they will be asking developers to patch those security issues. And this type of work can get the full time job. And the best part if you are doing this for a company then you get to work as a tester and developer in security analyst job. It pays well and you have to understand that this becomes legal work. Doing it on freelance basis may lead to risk issues. So if you wish to pursue this as a career, then make sure to land the job in the core companies dealing with the security flaws. Network security, antivirus security and other security companies can make use of the hackers.

  • Now a days computer applications are becoming a part of everyday life as more and more application are pouring in from various software companies for varied usages.

    Under such a scenario a hacker becomes an important entity because with his knowledge of software and software assessment tools he can find our the loopholes or bugs in the software. If he is doing it for exploiting the user or customer then he is known as an illegal hacker and is punishable under the law. However if such an expert is hired by a company for checking of its software systems for protecting it from attacks and exploitation or finding the bugs therein, for switching to upgrades or better versions, he is termed as an ethical hacker.

    So career as an ethical hacker is as reputed as an software developer. Only thing is one has to complete some short courses in software debugging and software upgradation areas.

    Big software companies are very much concerned for the data integrity and fool proof mechanisms in their applications or system software and they require the expert ethical hackers for doing the job of cross checking the software products for any vulnerabilities.

    Presently ethical hacker is a good option as an career in computer industry.

    Knowledge is power.

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