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    Query about document verification

    Have a spelling mistake in final exam marksheet? Worried out document verification? On this Ask Expert page, you can check out responses from experts.

    My father's name is incorrectly spelt in my Intermediate marksheet. I am really worried. Will this create a problem in applying for a government job?
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  • You should apply to correct the name in your intermediate certificate. Apply with all the relevant documents to your intermediate board such as high school certificate, an application stating the name correction request. required DD or challan fee, original certificate required correction.Board will issue the new certificate.

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  • You should get it corrected immediately. First you check what is written in your SSC certificate. If it is correct and only on inter marksheet, you have to approach your junior college Principal. There is a prescribed application for effecting the changes in the marks list. You fill that application and attach original marksheet and other required certificates copies. The college will let you know about attachments. you have to submit in the college. It will be sent by them to Intermediate board for correction with their recommendations. Board will effect the change and send it back to the college. You have to collect it from your college. You have to follow the above said procedure.

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  • Yes always have a correction of your name or father's name in the certificate that you get. Immediate correction will have less difficulty than getting it corrected after many years. Not only in government jobs even in private jobs all your name should be mentioned clearly than your marks. Because it is a record for that organisation. So immediately write a letter to the board for requesting to correct your father's name, attach xerox of aadhar card. Before posting a letter please contact the board and find out the exact procedure to change your father's name.

  • Yes, Its really a matter of concern. I will suggest you to apply for the correction of spelling mistake in your mark sheet. You have not mentioned in which board you have passed intermediate.
    Yyou have to applied concerned board (State board/ CBSE etc) for the correction of spelling mistake in the mark sheets and certificates. For the correction you have to submit a form online /offline with certain fees and some documents like photocopy of scholar book of school and photo copy of mark sheet along with original mark sheet. After 10-15 days your board will issue you a new certificate and mark sheet.
    In most of the board, you can submit online application. If you apply within three months of declaration of result you will get new mark sheet free of charge. If you are applying after time period they will charge some nominal charges.
    You can apply online yourselves of through any Kiosk Center.
    So, go for the correction and it very easy process.

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  • No need to get worried, you just need an affidavit for the naming conflicts.

    Just get an affidavit from an authorised Notary, they will give you an oath letter that shall mention every corrections, where you need to mention your father's correct name & some other sort of information whatever Notary asks.

    You should also present some government ID or any document in front of those officials, which may give a clear information about your father's name.
    If you fail to do so now, your mistake need to carry forward for entire life being i have seen multiple people of this problem during interviews and jobs related problems.

  • Since the problem is in the mark sheet of the Intermediate, the school principal has nothing got to do with it. Although you can contact your principal sir and tell him or her about this problem. But, the only thing that you will avail from him is a signed note from him that you are a bona fide student of that school and you should be given a duplicate copy of your marksheet with the name of your father being corrected.

    But you can avail this duplicate marksheet by the board directly. What you need to do is approach the controller of examination of your board . Give him a printout of an application stating your problem. He will ask for the original copies of the marksheet and testimonials from you. You need to show them your birth certificate to prove the original name of your father. Along with this you will have to submit your application stating the problem with your signature. They will charge a fee of around Rs.100-200 for processing your request.

    After this you will have to wait until they contact you. Provide your land phone number and mobile number both so that you can be notified when your duplicate marksheet along with the corrected names have arrived.

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