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    What is the age limit for completing Class 10 in Telangana State

    Not been able to complete school education till Class 10 in Telanagana? Check from the expert responses provided below about the age criteria to complete Class 10 in Telanagana as well as what other avenues you can explore to complete the school level education.

    Due to some health conditions, my sister discontinued her studies and studied up to 6th Std. only. Now she is 18 years of age. Can she study directly 10th in regular stream? We know she can do some vocational courses, but is there any chance of her completing 10th in regular mode? Kindly tell me what is the age limit to do SSC in Telangana State. Also, give me guidance about other ways in which she can complete her school level academics including Class 10.
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  • Your sister can attend SSC exam as a private candidate. As far as I know there is no upper age limit for Tenth exam. There are many unrecognised convent schools . The students of these convents will attend as private candidates only.

    My suggestion is, if your sister can manage there is an entrance exam for direct bachelor course. No problem of age also. She can appear for that. Once she completes that she can complete her degree in distance education mode.

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  • As per my knowledge to complete or pass SSC exam is 15 years minimum and maximum is 17 years. Since you sister is 18 years you have to contact the board and find out the the age limit to pass the SSC exams. Under special provisions they may consider if there is some valid reason for her to discontinue. First contact the board and find out the age limit and write a letter to the board for requesting you sister to write her SSC exams on special basis. I am sure they will oblige.

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