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    What are the precautions to take while mentioning third party brands or trademarks in articles?

    Want to include a specific brand or trademark in an article? Learn from experts how you should acknowledge them in the article.

    Suppose I need to mention some third party brand names and trademarks in an article. What precautions should I take? Is it enough to state at the end of the article that all trademarks belong to their respective owners?
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  • I didn't follow your query clearly . But any way mentioning third party trademark is an illegal offense where you should not do it without the company permission. So I suggest you to have your own trade mark which gives a good value in future because coping any thing from anybody in any matter is not up to the mark. So use your creativity and create your own trade mark. Suppose if your using the company brand as advertisement then you can use their trademark to advertise their brand products. Not your own created products by their brand name. I hope your query is cleared.

  • Usually casual articles don't require you to mention trademarks. However if you are using any brand in the images, video and article that handles some legal talk then at the end of the article, you'd need to mention about it. For example, if you write about Windows operating system, at the bottom of your website, it helps to write something like "Windows is trademark of Microsoft and this site has no affiliation with it". As you can see this definitely helps in many ways. This way you can bee in compliance for using the names in legal way. And you can have no issues with the brands and their trademarks. Such disclosure surely helps to set things straight as far as the article legal stand point is concerned.

  • If you are mentioning the trademarks of a company or its brand names in your article than it is necessary to mention this at the end of your article that these are the copyright of such and such company.

    Moreover, the most important thing is in which context you are mentioning it. If someone is writing an article on 'Good effects of chocolates on health' and mentioning that out of the top five brands 'A' and 'B' are good but 'C', 'D' and 'E' are not up to the mark then may be the first two companies will be happy with you as you have advertised for them in free but the other three will be attacking you for condemning their products.

    So the context is very important and we must take care whenever we use brand names in our articles.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks for all responses.
    I meant that I am writing an informative article and I have to mention some apps, websites and brands in that.
    Note that, anyway, I am unable to add a hyperlink to them.
    So I am eager to know if it is enough to mention in the footer that "all trademarks belong to their respective owners" or doing something more is required.

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