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    Query about changing from BTech to BSc

    Having a problem continuing BTech and want to change to BSc? Wondering how to proceed? Check out this page for suggestions and guidance from experts.

    I couldn't complete my BTech in last 7 years but I want a degree to teach in schools. I used to teach in school from last 3 years without a degree but now the School Management is asking me for a degree certificate to give higher classes like 8 9 10. Can you suggest me how can I join in degree college? Apart from that I used to take tuition classes in homes to take out my pocket money.
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  • Its nice to hear that your a hard worker. As you already have a good experience in teaching and want to continue in teaching then its better for you to have a degree because now there is a rule that teachers who can teach high school classes should also handle 11th and 12th standard if the particular school is certified and taking classes. So for that you even need to be a PG graduate. First let me know what are the subjects your handling in school. You can do your degree based on that subject or else complete your degree with B Sc . B Ed and then complete M Sc with your preferred subject. You can complete your degree in distance education even if there is a long gap. All the Best. Become a Graduate.

  • Since you are involved in teaching - profession in a High - school and have accumulated enough experience, it would now be better to have a graduation degree in the subjects of your liking regardless of the stream. As because, you had been a student of B. Tech prior to joining in teaching in High school, B.Sc course would suit you most because of your good familiarity with the science - subjects.
    The practical approach would be to enrol in IGNOU for your graduation in science and in that way, you can conveniently persue your course in leisure time - without having dislocation for your teaching assignment in the school.
    In order to make a permanent career in teaching in a High - school. It would be benificial on your part to have a B.Ed degree from the distance mode so that you can manage your time constructively during your involvement in teaching in a High - school.

  • Sir I went to many degree colleges for regular courses and the college Management is ready to take my admission In degree college. But the problem is my 10 and +2 certificate are in my engineering college if I go there they will ask me money beyond 50K which I can't give so please suggest me what to do now. What will be good for me to join regular course or a distance courses if I join regular course I need to go college regularly which will effect my job in school so please please suggest me what to do now.

  • It is still not late for you. If engineering does not suit or finding difficult then immediately take admission to D.Ed. ( Diploma in Education ) It is course offered post 12th. That way first at least you will able to continue your current job. Next step would be to do B. SC. Again you can do it full time or while working. There are university who offer remote learning but you will have to attend few classes. If you are very skilled then even you can do B SC and B Ed same time. After B. SC. do B.Ed. and you are all set for teaching to higher secondary and graduate students.
    Most of the colleges do ask PG and B Ed certified for teaching graduate students. So plan for Post graduation as well.

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  • The real problem is that you have to get your certificates from your college. They are demanding you the money. To which University your college is affiliated? You contact the university and apply for your certificates.. University will advise the college. If not you have to approach consumer court.

    The best way is without telling about your previous qualification you can attend entrance test directly to graduation. Even B.Sc also you can do by distance education.

    I see only these two ways.

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  • Degree that allows you to teach in schools is B.Ed or D.Ed. You can use B.E degree to teach in engineering college. But B.Ed is required for those who want to teach in high school and primary school. So you may want to get qualification in that regard. But if you are not completing B.E. in such case going for B.SC. and then starting coaching and teaching in 10th and 12 student can be another option. Do understand that you need to go in this order in order to teach. Otherwise you have to get back into normal flow with the job.

  • You have said that you couldn't complete B.Tech (which is a 4-year full-time course) in 7 years! What was the reason behind it? Is it due to any setback in the family or is it due to the fact that you have no interest in Engineering? If the second one is true, then you have to immediately change your stream without further wasting valuable resource and time.
    At the same time, you are also required to introspect-introspect very deeply. Why do you want to join B.Sc. and why not B.Com or B.A.? What are the subjects in which you have genuine interest? After introspection and discussion with the trusted ones, you have to take a hard decsion. First you have to complete Graduation with those subjects which attract you, if not from regular college, then from IGNOU or any other state-level open University. Then you have to go for Post-Graduation and then for B.Ed. Only then you can realistically go for teaching profession.
    The decision is yours.

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