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    Why do some cell phones get hanged often and need to be rebooted ?

    Have you ever wondered why cell phones get hanged? Want to know the reasons behind this issue? You can read responses from experts on this page and understand the reasons.

    In the market we come across so many smart phones and we are tempted to buy one going by the rich features. But often we fail to notice that the RAM speed of the cell phone may be less and thus when we include more software for downloads. The cell system gets hanged and ultimately goes out of order. And rebooting is the only solution and other stored data may get lost. Why the internal RAM is not increased by manufacturers? Is there any possibility to increase the same?
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  • If you are using the old phone models who have the LCD display and priced under 2000 Rs. You can see that those phones serve one task at a time. And they get only hang if they get too worn out. And there is not much to fix them. In case of modern phones with Android and Apple iOS in them. Those phones are going to be slow if there are too many background tasks running. You can see that there are plenty of apps run in the background. And it will get slow with the amount of apps that run behind. And that is one reason that it may get slow. After some time the OS such as Android and iOS may not support the device with old version of OS. And the apps will continue to get updated but backward compatibility. And it means it can get hanged in thee process. Companies save time by giving 1GB or 2GB RAM and give big promises of display LCD and the camera lens. It's very deep market for making the profit as of now. So they may give mediocre configuration. And that can lead to often the phone hanging or the reboot issue.

  • Author has raised a very good query. Most of us face the same situation, for that before buying we should check the RAM capacity first and then the phone which has high RAM capacity. Suppose if your gifted a cell phone by your dear ones and find that the RAM capacity is not enough then in that case increase the external memory space and save all the apps, files and photo's in that memory, Then this problem will not occur.

  • Generally the mobile phones with low processing power and low RAM are prone to hanging. Even good mobile phones sometimes hang if lot of applications specially the heavy ones are simultaneously run.

    The efficiency and speed of the processor is very important and how effectively the manufacturer has designed the hardware with Android operating system and user interface (UI) decides the performance of the phone.

    The Apple phones have a better and efficient integration of processor and hardware with their Unix operating system ( not android) and are less prone to hanging.

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  • In layman's words it is overcrowding and overloading.
    The best way is to use it for the essential required needs, and not to crowd the phones with not so necessary applications. One can keep the RAM free using cleaning software also. If the phone facilitates, it is suggested to make the SD card as default writing disk and move the possible apps to SD card.
    That is the optimum way to get the best of our phone with limited RAM and ROM and avoid hanging.
    If the companies make the best phone now itself, how can they gain more business and profit over the coming years? So they want to make it appear that they are always bringing up improved versions.
    For many the cost also matters and for them as their requirements are limited, they can satisfactorily use the low RAM models effectively.
    In my case I am using a 512MB RAM phone even now, because I have not downloaded only bare minimum applications and do not use the phone for any heavy load activity. For extra storage I am having an SD card. That phone is okay for me for WhatsApp, one news application and some internet browsing. I intent to keep it as far as it goes. However a newer phone which I bought has more RAM, but because of many default apps already installed, the performance gets affected when I add more apps. Many apps do not allow to be moved to SD card.

  • Nowadays high-end cellphones like galaxy note and Apple 7+ comes with more than Gig RAM. It is all about data. If you storage is full then it starts warning and if you still try to operate then RAM can't store all that browsing into memory and cellphone gets hang. So it is but obvious to keep some percentage of storage free always.
    Motherboard of cellphone itself has inbuilt RAM which can not be replaced. You will have to buy new cellphone for different memory. Storage you can increase my mini and micro SD cards.

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  • An Android Operating System (OS) having 2GB of Randow Access Memory (RAM), 8GB Read Only Memory (ROM), and 16GB (1.40GB reserved) internal storage is less likely to get hanged. The 2GB RAM is more than enough for an Operating System in smart phone.

    Here is the top killer methods to boost your smart phone from being getting hanged.

    Extend External SD card Storage:
    Most users insert 4GB, 8GB, 16GB etc. in their smart phone and transfer or download large files like movies, games, apps, PDF files, photos, documents etc in their internal or external SD card storage and that is more likely for making higher chances to jeopardy the device from getting hanged. Upgrade the storage to 32GB and more if you are running out of space and then transfer large files.

    Note: Leave a free memory storage of 1GB minimum.

    Internal Storage:
    Install games or Apps that are most important to you like; Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, TrueCaller etc. If you are not social then its good to go. Uninstall apps that you no longer use.

    Third Party's Apps:
    Use phone booster to find large files, games and apps. With ease, you can sneak through and find the hidden large files and apps. Remove them.

    Clear Cache:
    The temporary files stored by most apps store cache in your internal RAM memory. Make sure to clean them. Find them under> Settings> Application Management> Apps> Clear Cache.

    Note: Do not clear Cookies!

    Final, make sure to reserve minimum 1GB of internal storage, extent you SD Card storage and reserve 2GB minimum storage.

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  • TThis response is marked as DELETED by the admin.

    According to me the reason behind hanging a phone is RAM because when the RAM is available less than 100MB it starts to hang and eventually restart on its own. Hang happens if SD card read write speed is low or simply low class version. It happens if we play a high graphic games in a low RAM or low price range phones.
    The question is how to make a phone like it will not be hanged so for that we have to check applications in settings regularly. Clear cache and background app only when the ram is full. Download antivirus software to clear the junk files.

  • Well it is not only the question of RAM but ROM too.
    • The Android software is in built in the ROM. That software has certain processing limitations. So you have to keep in mind that the OS of your mobile is much inferior in quality than that of your PC. So when you run too many applications on your phone, it will hang unlike your PC.
    • Next, phones may hang due to lesser amount of RAM. But this problem could be overcome by buying phones of higher secondary memory.
    • Another important reason is that your phone might be affected by viruses. You need to install a good antivirus to eliminate such viruses and free the OS of your smartphone.
    • Finally, it could also hang due to constant use. Sometimes due to all day usage, the ROM chips of these phones get heated up. So they turn into a non functional state and thus the phone hangs.

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  • As most of the answer is given about RAM and ROM. Yes low RAM is generally most important cause of hanging the cell phone. You should buy a phone of high RAM. Generally nowadays many cell phone of 3G RAM and ROM are available under the 10,000/- Rs. So people must buy cell phone of high RAM and ROM.
    One more cause of hanging the cell phone is software. There are many software which promise to clean RAM but instead of cleaning RAM they slower down our cell phone. I would strongly recommend not to download such type of software. Always use cleaning software of inbuilt in phone.

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