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    Why do cockroaches come out when we turn off the lights?

    Ever wondered why cockroaches come out when it is dark? Looking out for answers online? On this Ask Expert page you can find the answers to your query.

    If you have cockroach problem in home: you will notice that if you turn of your kitchen and living room lights and wait for sometime and turn on lights again you will see cockroaches crawling on surface. Even though cockroach don't harm directly humans , they eat and make lot of food items uneatable. Why cockroach comes out only in dark. Is there way to lure them to come out?
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  • Cockroaches are nocturnal animals who come out in the night in search of food. In the day time they hide in dark and damp places. They generally hide in kitchen or stores where food items are easily accessible.

    In case of any danger or human intervention they will immediately rush back to their hiding places. If you happen to enter your kitchen in the night and switch on the light and move across you will find them running back to dark places.

    These creatures are not comfortable in clean, well illuminated and dry places as it is difficult for them to colonize there otherwise they reproduce and multiply very fast.

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  • Nature has given cockroaches the survival mechanism and as such they stay in dark places to hide and survive from the attack of those living things which may prey on them. Thus by evolution cockroaches have become nocturnal creatures or those which have their major activities in night. Food hunting is a major activity for them. Nature has given the cockroaches power to see in the dark. They have the ability to see objects around as they are provided with numerous eye lenses unlike humans and other higher living thing that have only one lens in an eye.

    As they are evolved to be nocturnal, their biological clock is tuned to take rest in day time and come out active during night time. The striking or sensing of light makes them take shelter in dark places immediately, by the natural sensory and alert mechanism and by survival mechanism.

    That is why cockroaches come out when we turn of lights in kitchen .They are alerted by their innate mechanism and they come out for hunting their food.

  • It is said that cockroaches have existed and evolved since 300 Million years, which means they have been thriving for survival since the days of dinosaurs. Time has forced them to adapt to be nocturnal. They simply follow the basic rules of survival that such creatures should have.

    They simply come out when it's dark as it becomes is the safest surrounding for their survival cause and they can accomplish all the tasks that are required for their survival like food collection.

    When it comes to breeding dirty places suit best for them as things that are unhygienic for humans may not be unhygienic for other creatures. There are many ways to end the menace of cockroaches.

    I would recommend you to use anti insect spray in corners and dark spots of your house. See to that you kill the maximum cockroaches possible as letting even two get away can lead to setting up of another colony.

  • Cockroaches are the intelligent insects and would not like to be disturbed especially when they are active in the dark - nights. They prefer to choose the places where their presence cannot be easily identified such as Bath - rooms, Kitchen - sinks or in the areas where the food - items are stored. They have excellent sensory mechanism and in case of emergency, they apply the same.

    Their main aim is to locate the food items so that ultimately they can consume them for the survival and in the dark - nights, they get ample time to intensify their activities so that the dark nights are their favourable choice.

    To say that they are the harmless creatures is utterly wrong since they are the carriers of the germs and their ingestion of foods make us vulnerable for the infectious diseases.
    We should plug all the places from where they make entries. The food - items should be stored in the closed containers and should make the areas clean so that they don't breed eggs. They are attracted with the accumulation of water and so this point has to be taken care of so that we get rid of their presence.

  • Cockroaches have a different activity rhythm than that of humans. They are the guys who like to come out and crawl when it is most quiet. During daytime, the chances are less but possible to find cockroaches walking in groups.

    There has also been this notion that they usually move away from the light because light to them is a hint that their hideout is no longer a secret and that it can be reached by humans. Long story short, they prefer to be least disturbed and therefore they seldom come out when lights are ON or when we are around.

    So, while they are normally found when lights are turned OFF for a long time, you can find them at any time of the day as long as it is quiet and there are not disturbances in that place.

    Based on their specific activity rhythm, they mostly remain inactive at daytime and become active at night after which they keep searching for food for hours. A little queit surrounding which also have some moisture is what they prefer. And night time, with all the lights turned off, does satisfy their requirement.

    They usually choose places like the bathroom, kitchen sinks or sewer pipelines as their habitat because these places are comparatively moist and friendly to them. When they are in their hideouts, for example, in that small opening between the wall and the tiles, they try to touch their upper and lower part of the body to the surface of wall and tile to keep them warm and comfortable. Interesting enough?

    Now, the question may arise as to how they manage to come out at night or in dark and still be able to see. A research on Cockroaches, as reported by 'Scientific American' hints that Cockroaches have night vision. They can see when it is dark by accumulating the light of daytime.

    I hope it helps.

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  • cockroaches are nocturnal insects ,in which they are active during night only.
    our humans are diurnla animals in which we are active during day time.

    For preventing cockroaches ,first ensure all the items are covered by lids and maintain the house cleanly as much as possible.
    use cockroach sprays or substances which kill cockroaches.

  • As already answered by other authors cockroaches come out when no activities are there in the kitchen or other rooms and also the light is dim. It is the tentacles of these animals which is helping them to recognise the surroundings and also the eatables.

    Cockroaches have long life relatively. It is said that they will survive even an atomic attack. Worst part about them is that their presence will reflect through the nasty smell of their excreta.


  • Since my chilhood I have been observing this phenomenon. Cockroaches come out from their hioles when lights are switched off and there is no movement of people. This is because of the fact that cockroaches are nocturnal insects. The food items must kept under the lids. No food-items should be kept open.

    I must state this habit of cockroaches helps us the destroy them. We can use 'Lakshmanrekha' or similar poisonous substances to destroy cockroaches at night.

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  • Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and they are photophobic. They usually come out in the dark in the search of food.
    They are seen in the daytime too and if they do then it's a good sign because that means you have limited stock of food available for them that's why they have to hunt for the food at the time which is not an ideal time for them.


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