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    How to increase height after 17 for girls

    Wondering how to increase height? Looking out for a good diet plan? On this Ask Expert page check out suggestions from experts.

    I am 17 years old and my height is just 5.0. I want to increase my height. Can you provide guidance about the diet? From today I am going to gym. Can you suggest me the types of food diet plan? What should be mixed in milk for proper growth? I usually mix 3 spoons of boost and 2 spoons of sugar. Is it good or not?
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  • For females it is not generally possible to increase height by natural growth at this age. By this age a female would have achieved the maximum height.

    What further can be done is some cosmetic changes by stretching exercises to open the folds in certain areas of the body, by selective dressing and by selective footwear, and selective hairstyle.
    Proper exercises enabling stretching and strengthening of the back muscles and joints at hips and limbs can help get a few millimetres in height. However that should be done only under proper supervision of an expert.

    Wearing suitable high heeled footwear can enhance height appearance.
    Dressing with clothes having vertical stripes and light colour will make appear more height.
    Suitable hairstyling can make a person appear taller. Keeping head and face suitably raised and straight,(without causing any strain) can also help appearance a taller.
    Consuming extra food and extra calories may cause gaining weight and it will work opposite to your aim and you may appear thicker and shorter.

  • By taking adequate supplement and doing stretching exercises, it is possible to increase height in certain cases in the girls specially who are below 20 yrs of age.

    As you are only 17 there are good chances that some exercises like basket ball, high jump etc may help you in achieving your objective.

    Please remember that heredity plays a major role in this and even after all the efforts being suggested there may be very little increase in the height.

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  • What is your parents height? Lot of factor contribute to you height.
    But you can have stretches, pull ups, cardio to increase your height. Since young age it should be tried to hang on pole like we hand cloths. Gravity pulls us down and up to some extent it helps to increase height. That's reason people say to pull ups which give back and arms more strength and make it lengthy. Play games like badminton, basketball etc. It will gradually increase your height. Heavy diet also makes you bulky and do increase height but you need exercise well too. All the best.

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  • Its good you are 17 years old to gain height by doing exercises like skipping, jumping to a height that is higher than you in a daily routine exercises.
    Instead of taking supplementary foods, natural way of exercising is good for health. Eat lot of fruits that increases the blood and speed in your body.
    In the Gym do only for your height increase like pull ups in the bar, ask the instructor how to use minimum weight since there might be increase in body weight also. Repeat the number of rotations as much as you can and keep doing the exercises regularly.
    Its good drinking boost during the day time and or night time depends upon your intake.

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