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    Guidelines to increase height

    Wondering how to increase height? Searching for methods to do so? Find answers to your queries on this page.

    I am 20 year old and my height is approximately 5"6 and weight is 65 kg. I want to increase my height. How can I increase my height? I am always unsatisfied from my height.
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  • Since you are twenty years old, you have plenty of scopes to enhance your height since growth harmone works up to 23 years for males. You need to observe the following simple rules for the further elevation of height.
    1) Take adequate sleep say for eight hours in the night so that the growth hormone works properly.
    2) Involve your self in some physical - exercises for at least 45 minutes on daily basis such as brisk walk, cycling, jogging etc.
    3) Stretching exercises if done regularly will yield a positive result in the long run.
    4) Take care of your diet and include fruits like Apple, Banana, small amount of dry fruits like Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds etc apart from supplementation of Milk, Curd, Cheese. In this context, Carrot - soup would also be benificial since the same contains essential nutrients and vitamins. Protiens would also an vital ingredient to raise your height. You may add eggs and prepared chicken in your meal.
    5) Involve in yoga or in meditation for sometime daily in order to alleviate your stress. This works best in raising your height.

  • But how many days i have to do these like yoga and diet and i take too like these from aprox 25days and there is no change in my height

  • There is no magic formula for increasing the height but taking adequate supplements and simultaneously carrying out stretching exercises can help in some cases.

    Please remember that height is a thing which is very much dependent on heredity.

    Increasing the height depends upon your age group also. As your age is 20 years, chances of success are more.

    Out of all the stretching exercise, I will like to stress on the one in which you have to freely hang by fastening your hands on a horizontal pole or a beam for a little time and in between try to push up and down. This is believed to be one of the popular exercises for the mentioned purpose.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Its always to have a look at the BMI Calculator. Additional height in the body has to be done through the exercises like skipping,pull ups and also jumping jacks that has a possibility of increasing the height of the body without any supplements that keeps your body in good health and condition.

  • What is your parents height? Lot of factor contribute to you height. But you can have stretches, pull ups, cardio to increase your height. Since young age it should be tried to hang on pole like we hand cloths. Gravity pulls us down and up to some extent it helps to increase height. That's reason people say to pull ups which give back and arms more strength and make it lengthy. Play games like badminton, basketball etc. It will gradually increase your height. Heavy diet also makes you bulky and do increase height but you need exercise well too.
    Worst case be happy with your height, people even don't get what you have now.

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  • My father height is 5"8 and my mother height is 5"4 but why my height not grow taller than my father???

  • Are you male or female? Usually man's height does grow more than father's height with proper exercise. Even my height is more than my father. I have not seen female's height growing than father's height but it is also equally possible. So there is still opportunity your height can grow. Just follow suggestions given by members till age of 23 and you should notice difference. If you are girl then I am uncertain it will grow more but give try.

    Life Is Beautiful

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