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    What is the best way to become an automobile engineer.

    Aspiring to become an automobile engineer? Looking out for methods to do so? Check out this page for suggestions to your query.

    I am appearing in B-Tech 1st year second semester by AKTU university. I got 78% marks in 1st semester university exam. I want to become an automobile engineer after doing B-Tech. So what should I do? I have a great interest in designing models of bikes, cars etc.
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  • You have not indicated your branch of Engineering in which you are persuing your Engineering - stream. For the persual of Masters - course in Automobile - engineering, you need to have passed out with any one of the streams mentioned below-
    1) B.Tech in Automobile - engineering
    2) B. Tech in Mechanical - engineering
    3) B.Tech in Production - engineering or
    4) B.Tech in Electrical - engineering
    Moreover, the Pass - percentage should be beyond 65 percent or a First - class. Preference in respect of admission is given to the aspirants having cleared GATE with a high percentile preferably - 95 percentile or upward.
    So, please ensure whether you are fitting in the eligibility - criteria for the further perusal in Automobile - engineering.

  • Its good you are studying Bachelor of Technology in the first year and the question asked was before the second year. Usually in the second year either B.E or B.Tech used to choose the major in the degree like B.Tech in I.T, Chemical, Automobile, Production, Mechanical and Electrical in the group.

    Change the group to B.Tech Automobile Engineering, that is the most suited for designing
    cars and bikes in the future. Keep rolling after the selection of that group in CAD, CAM and many software to design the machines, engines that are required to design car and bikes. Study for the interview during the final year and get a good job in the same field if you are are looking for the job. Else if you are going for the Higher education its better to use study for the GATE Exams, for the M.Tech in the same field of Automobile Engineering for the higher depth of knowledge and also for the good salary while working in the industry.

  • You can always opt doing MS in India or abroad in design engineering. It has good scope of getting job. If you have good skills then you can present it too different automobile companies. There are lot of independent bike makers too who design as per client requirement. You can search and approach then for getting into team.

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  • Automobile engineering is a very good and very interesting subject to study. You can see the drastic emergence of this subject in today's world. But to become a very good automobile engineer you should have a very strong base about the following things:
    1. A very strong grip on the study of strength of materials and you should know how to deal with its topics in details.
    2. You should be a master in thermal engineering.
    3. Design of machine elements subject should be good.
    4. Knowing the high end softwares like catia, ansys, CFD, etc is must.

    Above all these things, you should have a very good college/ university that have very automobile faculty and labs.

    But Alas! there is very less scope of automobile engineering in India and there is no excellent university for automobile engineering.

    You should move to Germany for automobile engineering. The meaning of automobile starts from there. You can explore a million things over there and become a very successful automobile engineer.

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