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    Why is education promoted so much when it is not needed?

    Wondering why there are so many child suicides due to education? Looking out for the reasons? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    Children have committed suicide at very precious age because of to mental stress in education. In India 20 children die everyday due to suicide.
    Education is not necessary because we study Shakespeare which is of no use. Then history, where are we going to utilise that knowledge? Then trigonometry in Maths. Teachers in schools have been using rough language and hitting the children. Pressure is constantly building up every moments to students. Tuition teachers have tortured the children. I know some tuition teachers( not revealing the names) have broken scales on children and made the students sit till late. It is that parents who used to treat the children as angels have been treating the children like slaves. Parents do not give their own child food to eat because of bad marks. I blame education to turn people into Devils. Can you provide the answer?
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  • This is mainly because of the ambitions of parents. Now a days parents have more expectations on their children. Everybody wants their child to get 1st rank only. A father of a child who got 95% marks says that his child might have got 99%. In the pursuit of this they are pressurising their children.

    Added to this all corporate colleges want 100% result. This is where all problems are starting . In between the teachers and parents, the children are suffering. They are not able withstand the pressure and committing suicide.

    The parents and teachers should mend their ways. Then only it will stop. Otherwise this will continue.

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  • Every child is a genius. Parents should maintain a proper relationship with their kiddo's because a child's mind is very subtle and brittle. Even minute things affect a child's mind positively. If a child is born in a healthy environment, where there is a proper relationship between parents then children are less likely to move in wrong direction.

    Parents should know how to deal with their subtleness. Putting stress on children is the major mistakes parents do in mordern times. The pressure that they put upon their children and the word tutions are overburdened them along with homeworks and assignments. The words, school, studies, tution and tests keep ringing in their ears like an alarm.

    School is a temple and knowledge nurturing place which should be loved by students. Unfortunately, ultimately, school becomes a nightmare for childrens. Parents must lighten their workload. They must sit with children and help them do their homework, test and assignments. Getting high marks in exams is not the end of the world.

    Every child has inborn talents. Every child is born genuis. It is the environment in which the child grows that moulds the rest of his life.

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  • We are not giving the students the true meaning of education,which make us Physically fit,Mentally fit and Spiritually high.These days education is linked only with scoring marks.Failure in one exam is not the destinies of the students. They can do better in next exams.The teachers and promoters should guide them in such a way ,that they need not to be weak in any circumstances.Life is a challenge and one should accept this challenge to live life.There are to many options are open to earn money. Failures are the pillars of success.I see many students ,who do n't qualify in IIT and UPSC are using their talents and earning too much. Hard work,determination and interest in life is needed to live it.If God closes the one door ,He opens other for us.

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  • Education is very important for the mental growth of a person and it is the basic building block of his life and career.

    Unfortunately the skill and technical part could not be embedded in education and to that extent the educated person sees himself at the cross roads after completing his degree.

    Actually students after doing their high school should go for the technical certificate or diploma depending upon their choice of the field so that it will equip them with requisite skill and they can get a job or remain self employed. Unfortunately instead of following this method everyone is going for higher education after which demand for such highly qualified is far less than supply.

    Even in engineering or management stream the students who are on the top are getting good jobs. The mediocre are facing the same dilemma as the pure science fellows.

    So if the parents leave unnecessary expectations from their children and rather divert them to the courses as per their merit the suicidal situations can be avoided. We know what our child is worth so why to push him for something unattainable.

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  • You know what? The day you ask ," Why do I need to learn this?" there's no scope for learning.
    All those things you learn have a certain use, somewhere or other in your life. Problem is that the institutions are training people rather than educating them. The methods are wrong and not the lessons.
    Parents naturally have high expectations for their offspring. There's nothing wrong in well-wishing. But the children mustn't be forced. But don't you think that the arrival of smart schools is changed the game ? There is a considerably less amount of stress in those students. And students from these schools come out as all-rounders.

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  • Education is for the self and social awareness of oneself and the children. Education gives the right path and attitude for one self and makes a family happy after the selection of a career after the study of school and college with good grades and good habits.Education gives the understanding of the culture, society, social awareness among both men and women.
    When children's learn well and secure topmost in the class parents are good in treating them. But when the child slips aways either due to illness or more distractions, parents either should tend to take care of such disturbances that should not bother the education of their own child.
    Educated parents understand these soon as they are adults and to save their child from being getting distracted from the goal of education. Education through books alone will not teach everything even the parents has to make understand the child what is social awareness, social habits, health, wealth, family, child and health and strength about the country and the place they live in.
    A Tuition teacher has to understand the children to make them study and to improve them in order keep the children their scores in the exams and test, and even more encouragement, love towards the children will keep the children to reach the goal of education.
    Bad Tuition teacher may have stress due to family, salary constrain due to the Management having pressure upon the teachers to teach the children bad or worse if they do not study well. Children's attitude towards sports and activities are much important in order keep them health and fresh.
    Knowledge is power if its been taught in the right way by the right teachers and parents.

  • Agreed. In develop countries still parents treat children as blessing. They don't consider them to be nerd. They allow them to learn on their own as per their interest. Problem is we are already over populated. And now there is struggle of existence. If you don't do it then someone will pass you. With that fear parents pressurizing children to do more.

    Other way it is also wrong. If you belong to average middle class family and there is good knowledge to do something on own. No home business. Not sufficient fund to startup something new then students gets frustrated as even parents can not sponsor then so much. So it is better to study hard from beginning and secure job. Here rich are becoming more rich and poor are suffering , dying.

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  • I think the biggest projection parents are giving on education system is what has created this problem.

    For example,

    1. Parents put kids into expensive schools for better education. Then they claim thaat school is not enough.
    2. Parents then put kids into expensive coaching and tutors.
    3. All of this investment comes down to cause and effect. And they start to demand result from their kids.
    4. They don't understand if their child is even coping that sort of hectic routine.

    So this expensive education means better education mindset has to be changed. If students are even committing suicide after objective type of questions in exam. Then that means India has to go back on mix of theory and objective exam pattern which was good in the past.

    Coming back to the world outside education, world has gone too much sensitive. Kids don't want to learn things, don't want to take responsibility but want to use parents money to pursue their so called fancy careers with DSLR camera. Lot of TV and liberal propaganda has affected youth. So one has to understand as far as hardwork and money goes, there is no short cut. So education being one way to acquire wealth and live life with dignity it will continue to be promoted so much.

  • Actually we humans got upgraded only in technology but never in our education system. The teaching methods of a class before 100 years and the present date remains the same.
    We have not made any changes in our education system. There is a strong need to support creativity, innovation and giving rights to students as to which field of interest they want to go.

    Forcing someone to study gives no output but only machines designed to act in certain manner. The need is to induce interest in students and let the student explore with his own thoughts. No two brain are the same and this needs to be understood very properly.

    Apart from parents a good teacher can really change the life of a student. So even teachers need to get out from the fixed typical standard of education system and induce capabilities in students.

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