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    Is there a fixed service contract signed between employee and employer

    Unsure if it is necessary for an employee in India to have a contract which states the term of employment with the employer? Know if this is the case from the expert answers below.

    Is there any contract signed between an employee and employer in private companies of India which mandates an employee to serve a company for a fixed period?
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  • Yes in some companies when the post offered is important and long lasting employment of great responsibility towards the management, the employer ensures that employee to reach a agreement or contract to be signed so that the employee wont leave the job in future in huff and he has to serve for a fixed period agreed and signed. This happens mostly in big companies where similar products are produced. it also happens in soft ware companies who cannot trust the new employees and they want to have fixed term contract so that the work wont get hampered. I have seen many soft ware company employees were keep on changing the jobs at the drop hat as they get good opportunities often and thus employers made this mandatory to sign a agreement for fixed period so that justice is done to the job agreed upon,

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  • Whenever an employee joins an organisation (either Government or private), there is a contract between the employer and employee. Companies isdue detail terms & conditions which the employee has to accept. That is the contract. Some contracts are valid till the date of retirement whereas some contracts are valid for fixed period. Employees appointed under first category are permanent employees and those appointed under second category is called contractual employees.

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  • Every employment is a contract. Generally if you see the appointment letter of a professional company, it will run for 4 to 5 pages. They clearly mention what they expect from us and what they return to us in the form of finances. They give all the duties and responsibilities of the employee very clearly. Once we sign and return the duplicate it indicates, we accept the terms and conditions,

    In some companies basing on the importance of the job the management may ask us to sign a bond which is also called contract. As per the contract if the employee has to work for a minimum period mentioned in the bond otherwise the employee has to pay back some money to the company. Some companies, I don't want to name them, keep some percentage of your salary with them and they will give back only after you complete your minimum period. Of course you will get bank interest for that.

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  • A contract is an understanding and mutual acceptance by two parties on modalities, conduct, responsibilities and liabilities before, during and at the end of that agreed matter.

    When application submitted by a person for a job is considered by the organisation and the job offer is conveyed to the prospective employee and the employee accepts the offer either by acknowledging in writing or by his action of joining that job, then a job contract has started.

    Some organisations take the acceptance of the employee in a stamp paper which is executed(signed) by the employee and the authorised official of the employer organisation, quoting the job offer letter and conditions.

    Job contracts may be of many pages and contain many conditions and responsibilities on the part of the employee. That will inform the employee how many days he will be on training or probation and under what circumstances his probation or training will be extended or his services will be terminated . The employer organisation will supply the employee with the code of conduct and behaviour , which the employee should comply with.

    There may be a minimum service bond or a financial bond, which the employee has to honour before leaving the job.

  • Yes there are certain companies do that in following ways.
    1. Bind employee for a year contract with policy that if he breaks then he has to pay certain amount as contract break.
    2. Contract employee that not to leave job and accept competitors offer. Doing this employee has to pay certain percentage of new salary as contract breakage.
    3. Most company makes 2 year contract in which they can not leave company with reason of joining better offer. Only situations like marriage , distress, health can help to leave company peacefully.

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  • There are contract signed even if its a BPO (Call center) or a Software companies. Usually the agreement falls out to be two years from the date of joining the company. Fresher are fresh to be trained and the company pays stipend for the training and other facilities inside
    the company for the employee. After this the employee is led into the real time background of the software industry. Usually the agreement falls two years for the fresh graduates from the college.
    Some employee tends this sort of training to be bored and wanted to shift from one company to the other company for a good pay since the employee already studied the training lessons in the past and wanted a good pay from the other company so they tend to break the contract, in such cases sometimes the employee has to pay the cost to the company if the contract is breached due to the reasons like this. The first two years should be good for the employee allowing to enjoy most of the sorts of training provided by the company.
    This happens in most of the software training company and in some BPO'S. Most of the employees wanted to breach the conditions and avail troublesome some times. Its good
    to stay with the contract period and make your self sharp in talents.

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