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    What is PNB contactless credit card?

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    Yesterday, while returning from office, I noticed an advertisement which mentions about Punjab National Bank (PNB) contactless credit card, that has been recently launched. In this connection, I would like to know the following:-

    (a) How does such contactless credit card function? Kindly explain in layman's language.
    (b) What are the advantages of using contactless credit card?
    (c) What are the disadvantages of such credit card?
    (d) Will it be more convenient for elderly people/senior citizens?
    Members may kindly give point-wise reply.
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  • From my personal experience of using contact cards that need swiping, I feel the advantages of a contactless card are follows:
    1. Swiping a card makes it rub with a surface. That creates abrasions, and by continuous and numerous uses and wrong swipes, it suffers wear and tear and there can be chances that some machines reject it as they can't read the data properly.
    2.Contact cards need taking out the card from its cover and handling by many people. That causes dust and dirt to accumulate and the card lose its good appearance and data and identity information may slowly become vague or become erased or hidden .
    3. I POS like the restaurants,toll plazas etc,. where the POS machine is away from the user, the card is taken and swiped by the other person mostly away from the cardholder's gaze. So there is chance that the vital information like could be copied and misused.

    In a contactless card there is no need to swipe the card and only a waving of the card near the POS machine is sufficient. Hence,
    1. The card is subjected to very less abrasion and damage.
    2. Card is kept clean and without much dirt as it can be kept in a thin, soft, transparent covering also.
    3. As the card does not leave the hand of the cardholder, chances of stealing and copying vital information is less.
    4. As the transaction works on radio frequency, the transaction works faster and hence there is a saving of time and better customer service in large malls etc.

    It will be definitely convenient to senior citizen and elderly people also because many times when we are busy or absent minded there is a chance to forget to take back the card after giving to swipe. But in contactless cards, the card can be kept with us and waved in front of the machine by ourselves. So the chance of misplacing the card is lesser.

    The contactless card also is having some disadvantages.
    Fraudsters are also clever nowadays and they are also using advanced technology. With contactless cards it is easy for them to clone the cards without knowledge and doubt of the cardholder. It is because of the disadvantage of this that smaller threshold amount is given for contactless transactions.

    As of now as the contactless cards have not become much popular here, there are not much POS machines for contactless cards.
    As it works on radio frequency ,there is a limitation of distance from the machine and can have interferences also.

    Possibility of inadvertent waving cannot be ruled out , at least till people are fully familiar.
    When people stand in queue at close distance, there can be interference or overlapping signals and errors and problems therefrom.
    However for any new change there will be some initial confusion and errors happening. With more experience on hand, those will get rectified. We can hope so.

    (About PNB's contactless card, you can get details of the same in the website of PNB under
    (/downloadprocess.aspx?fid=cM5WIzW9QGq/TM+tSSYuqQ== )

  • Contactless card are based on RFID. And they can be detected by machines which have specific range. You just have to open the card and flash it within the range. You can then proceed with 2 factor authentication. After completing that process you can easily complete the transaction. This can be really good option in case of places where you don't want people to open their wallet. They can just have the card in vicinity and two factor authentication can take care of the rest. Also you don't have to physically swipe it. As far as disadvantage goes, you may find that this opens hackers for snooping on transaction. Also it may lead to some of the fraud transactions. That is something many people have found worst to be honest as far as any credit card transaction goes.

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