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    BMM Course details for job prospect and future scope

    Planning to study BMM? wondering if it has good scope? Check career advice from experts on this page.

    Are there good opportunities after doing the three year BMM course from Bombay KCL College or Jai Hind College or Xaviers Bombay? Or what is the best college for this course? Is Kolkata Xaviers or lady Sriram College food for this course?
    Is this line rewarding in terms of money? Is it a good career option?
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    These days there are fierce competitions in all the service - sectors and hence an aspirant must show his outstanding performance in the course, he persues.
    BMM course is related to a Bachelor degree in Business - management and we can see such management - colleges have mushroomed everywhere whether a prominent city or a small one and by studying in any college would not make you specialised in this profession.
    Hence you have to evaluate two important aspects before the perusal of the management course- the first thing being the rapport of the institution and the second one is the branch you ultimately choose for your continuation of your course such as any one of the streams from Finance, IT, Human - resources, Hospitality - management, Aviation - sectors etc can be chosen. Needless to say you have to show your presence felt in the chosen domain.
    Of the colleges you pointed out in your query, Xaviers Bombay, lady Sri - Ram college and Kolkata Xavier's are the notable institututions from any one of these Institutions, you can take up management course. However, you may choose any one of the followings Health - sector, Aviation - sector or Finance so that you will always remain in lime- light.
    Your aim should be ultimately to choose IIM by clearing the CAT with an impressive percentile.

  • Dear Priyanka, There are wide range of job opportunities in for BMM ( Bachelor of Mass Media) qualified graduates in varied sectors.
    The fields are as follows;

    1. Print/Publishing sectors: There are ample job opportunities as journalist in this fields. It an excellent career option, challenging and rewarding who are interested in collecting and reporting event. You can choose the sections according your interests like entertainment, sports, health, politics, business, education etc. entertainment, sports, politics, business.

    2. In educational Institutions- You can choose to become a lecturer or professions, you can pursue your further studies and opt to become a tutor.

    3. In broadcasting( Radio) - If you have excellent communication skills you can become a radio jockey. The job involves interactions with people/ engaging in talks with people with humor and wits.. It offers a good career.

    4. Theater- If you have flair for acting and want to exhibit your talent to the public then you can opt for acting in this sector. You have the choice to become director, actor, script writer, play writer etc.

    5. Advertising- If you have talent and creativity you can aim to become advertiser, create aids, make promotions, create banners etc.

    6. Television and Films- If you possess good acting skills you can choose for acting career, varied range of job prospects are available in this sector and you can choose such as news reader, announcer, anchor, conduct shows, director, etc.

    7. Computers/multimedia- If you possess skills in creativity the you can choose to make animation, web designing. graphics, designing, cartoons, web journalism etc.

    8. Event management- If you have good managerial skills you can become an event manager. You can conduct events in colleges for functions such as colleges day/annual day, fun fairs,prize awarding ceremonies/ celebrations.

    9. Public/ private functions- You can take up the responsibilities of conducting functions of families, get-together functions, parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations.

    10. Entrepreneurship- You have the choice of having your own firm in related areas. You can choose the areas and set up your own establishment as an entrepreneur.

    There are numerous job available opportunities to choose from. You have to enhance your skills of your interest and decide which field to enter into.

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