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    Can a diabetic eat mango which is sweet and tasty?

    Looking out for eating mangoes? Wondering if a diabetic can eat mangoes? Find advice from experts on this page.

    This is a mango season. The market is filled with varieties of mangoes. My tongue waters when I pass through the market and see the shining yellow ripen mangoes. But I am a diabetic. Can I eat mango? If yes, how much? If. No, why No? What the mango contains? Does it have sugar? Is it not a natural fruit that should be eatable by all? Expert doctors, do provide answers.
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  • On contrary it is advised to diabetic patients to have more fruits. You can eat them as long as you maintain a count. Eating more will raise your blood sugar levels. Fruits contain fructose and fructose doesn't raise your sugar levels.
    Avoid the juices though.
    Four mangoes is what I suggest.

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  • Some fruits are not recommended for the diabetic patient. Be it high sugar or low sugar issue for the diabetic person. They are advised to intake less fruits and instead adjust the sugar level through other means. Mango is known to have a lot of sugar content. And just like corn it is supposed to be avoided. Whether doctor explicitly tells you or not, you should consider avoiding it. As too much intake of mango would not be good for your blood sugar. You can however consume it with milk to reduce it's sugar content but still it may not be good for your health.

  • Mangoes are not good for diabetic patients. Fruits containing high sugar is not at all advisable to these patients. Mangoes will have high sugar content. It should be avoided. I don't advise you to consume mangoes which are not good for sugar patients.

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  • From a layman point of view mango being a sweet fruit should be harmful for diabetic persons but it is exactly not like that.

    Mango contains various vitamins, fibre, minerals and other nutrients some of which help in regulating post meal sugar in body. It does not mean that a diabetic person can eat mangoes as much as he likes. It is to be taken in limited quantity after considering the total calorie requirement of the diabetic person. On an average a half cup of peeled and cut mango gives about 40 calories.

    The fibre in mango helps in reducing the rate of absorption of sugar in body ( technically known as glycemic load) which is helpful for diabetic persons.

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  • As suggested above mango is not advised for diabetic patients. But still you can enjoy having your favourite fruit when taken in less quantity. I mean controlled consumption of mangoes is advised. You just need to have a track on your blood sugar level so as to regulate your sugar intake. Mangoes otherwise are the best fruits that one can have in summer. It's rich nutrition contents can help you get fitter.

  • Generally speaking, mango has high sugar content. So, the doctors advise diabetes patients not to take mangoe. However, recent studies indicate that mango is rich in vitamin-A and vitamin-C, which are good for doabetic patients. So, it is clear that physicians and dieticians are not unanimous about consuming mango by diabetic patients.

    So, diabetic patients should better avoid mango or take in a very limited quantity.

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