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    Is it safe to buy furniture online?

    Planning to buy furniture? Confused whether it is safe to buy furniture online? Check out this page for responses from experts to your queries.

    I am seeing many online furniture shopping sites, which offer wooden as well as iron furniture. Nowadays, the return polices of online shopping websites make us easy to return a non-functioning or damaged item if it is a small one. But what about large items like furniture, which can't be returned back so easily if we a got a damaged item. How to deal with such a situation? What are the advantages of buying furniture online vs in store? Is it safe to buy furniture online?
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  • I had made online purchases for many and varied products since last three four years. My experience tiil now is the problem post order is almost one or two percent. Even in that except for one case, all my issues were properly redressed. The balance one case would also would have also got solve, but I did not proceed with it as the amount involved was just a couple of hundred and I was telling myself okay let it be so. I can absorb that. I simply discontinued dealing with that online shopping portal.

    I had bought a table top grinder online an did no find any problem till date. I have not purchased furniture online. But I have ordered furniture at exhibitions and trade fair and got them delivered and fully satisfied.

    I suggest that as a beginning start with smaller amount purchase and test case. Purchase furniture online if the price difference is sizable. You can purchase some known brand items as they may have their own arrangements for installation if needed and service. Deal with established shopping portals only. Read their conditions and terms and ensure it is beneficial and convenient.

  • Buying furniture online is great. Prices are nearly same. And well qualified product only enters the portal. Moreover there are great offers waiting for you. Pepperfry promises easy returns.
    Make sure you choose a reputed and nice company to buy your furniture. Else, online furniture shopping is totally safe. And the varieties. There are several different designs and works at the same place.
    You might miss a lot while window shopping.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • Generally the post sale service of the online companies is better than the normal market shops. The reason is the question of reputation. If they do not treat their customer well they lose him for life time.

    The prices of online furniture is comparable to the market and many times due to sale promotion schemes and supplier's tie up with credit card companies you get a good bargain.

    I have experience of purchasing a few items of furniture online and it is quite satisfactory.

    What I will advise is in the beginning you should survey the local market some reputed shops for a few furniture items and then compare them online. This will give an idea for which item we should order.

    Some of the top furniture selling online sites are -
    pepperfry. com

    In addition the multipurpose sites - Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc are also offering furniture.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Furniture companies such as fabfurnish, paperfry etc are safe to use and buy furniture from. Those companies have policy for the return of the product. Also they can help with the repairs and the refund in case if there are any disputes. You can find that on this premise established there is nothing wrong with buying the furniture. And the best part is any issues with the shipping and handling if you have found any breakage then you can return all of that to the company.

    Before you buy make sure you keep the following things in mind.

    1. Make sure you check local market for the value of the same furniture. Sometimes online is costly.
    2. Find out shipping and handling charges.
    3. Find out refund policies.
    4. Find out warranty and support for the furniture.

    These are some of the things that one should keep in mind.

  • E- marketing has made a special place in the global market in recent past. Now you find almost all basic commodities on the internet that also include the furniture items that are supposed to be bigger in the size, they are sold and purchased on the online market because of handful of reasons.

    You get what you see and you can buy whatever you like just with a few swipes or clicks sitting at home. Free shipment facility is also very advantageous in this matter and cost saving.

    Some stores provide 24/8 CSR services to answer any query related to furniture items. You can have live chat or also can avail the option of calling the customer representative for solutions.

    Over the years the return and exchange policy of online stores has become more stable. You can easily exchange or return the item if you don't like it. You need not worry about how they are going to arrange transport facility. You can manage everything with just few clicks.

  • Yes, It is absolutely safe to buy furnitures online. The sites which is safe to buy furnitures online are following:
    3. Snapdeal
    4. Flipkart

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    Yes, It is absolutely safe to buy furnitures online. The sites which is safe to buy furnitures online are following:
    3. Snapdeal
    4. Flipkart

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