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    How to know that TATA AIA is genuine or not?

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    TATA is a brand, we all know that. When coming to insurance I have one doubt regarding TATA AIA. Whether it is genuine or not how to know? One agent is asking us to join in insurance and saying that it is a brand, IRDA certification is there and so many people had already joined in this then why did you hesitate to join. Then I asked only one question. I don't know whether it is genuine or not. Will you please show me the certification or registration number under IRDA. I am not satisfied with the answer provided by him. He only saying that it is good, brand and we have to trust. I don't know How? I took some time and please help me in this.
    I have gone through the above link which is IRDA but I didn't get any information.
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  • Tata AIA is very much in the insurance sector in India. It is registered with Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority Of India (IRDAI) under the Registration Number of 110. The company's corporate address is at Lower Parel, Mumbai. In fact, I have a life insurance policy of Tata-AIA. I am holding this policysince July, 2004. The list of private insurance companies operating in the insurance sector of the country are as under:-

    (i) Aviva India
    (ii) Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
    (iii) Bharti AXA Life Insurance
    (iv) Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
    (v) Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited
    (vi) Exide Life Insurance
    (vii) HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company
    (vICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    (ix) IDBI Federal Life Insurance
    (x) IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company
    (xi) Life Insurance Corporation of India
    (xii) PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited
    (iii) SBI Life insurance co Ltd

    Similarly Tata-AIG is also in general insurance business in India.

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  • @Partha Kansabanik,

    Please don't share the wrong information. TATA AIG is registered under IRDA as 110 but not TATA AIA. Eventhough, the link (TATA AIG) is not working in IRDA. Please see the image below for clarification.

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  • Ms. Anonymous: The company has now changed its name. It is now called Tata-AIA. Please visit the company I am copying the following part:
    "Tata AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd is now ISO 10002:2004 certified company to handle customer grievances effectively and efficiently.
    Registered with Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority Of India (IRDAI) under the following Address and Registration Number:Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Ltd.(IRDAI Regn. No. 110)
    Registered & Corporate Office Address: 14th Floor, Tower A, Peninsula Business Park, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013.
    Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited (Tata AIA Life) is a joint venture company, formed by Tata Sons and AIA Group Limited (AIA). CIN: U66010MH2000PLC128403
    *Tax benefits are as per Income Tax Act, 1961, and are subject to modifications made thereto from time to time."

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  • As Partha Kansabnik has given much information in this matter, I am only adding certain points.
    Yes, TATA AIA is a genuine, properly registered and licensed Insurer in India as of now.
    But choosing an insurer is the liberty and responsibility of the consumer or prospective insure(yourself). It is better to shortlist a few good insurers and then do a study of similar products and thn finally select the one most suited for you needs and situations.
    You may visit the following link by IRDAI, giving a consumer awareness presentation. TATA AIA is also listed there. You may find it useful.

    Please visit this Link:
    You may also visit:

    In case you still harbour doubts, you may directly take up with IRDAI or the concerned insurance company.

    It is good that you asked this question . It will help many others who also may have similar confusion.

  • @Partha Kansabanik, @Venkiteswaran,

    The reason why I am doubting here is: It's TATA AIG with registration number 110 but not TATA AIA. TATA AIA is no where mentioned under IRDA website. If you have seen anywhere then please share the image here.

    Even TATA AIG link is not working under IRDA website. If the name is changed from AIG to AIA then the company should mention it somewhere else in the company website or in IRDA.

    Finally, .com is a commercial website. Anyone other than TATA might have register under this domain. One more thing is: is there official announcement did you have seen anywhere that AIG is changed as AIA? If you have seen please share the link.

    If AIG is changed as AIA then why not any change in the link in the IRDA website?

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  • Ms. Anonymous: You don't have any doubt;, you are sure in your mind that TATA-AIA is not reliable. Then why are you trying to get it confirmed by other Members? No logic can convince you. I reiterate that I am a policy-holder of TATA-AIA. I took the policy in July, 2004. At that time, the Company was known as TATA-AIG. Much later, the company changed its name and the company informed me in writing about change of name. Even after change of name, I am regularly receiving the bonus and other benefits from the policy.

    But I am only a policy-holder, not an agent of the company. You can take suitable steps regarding insurance as per your judgement. Do whatever suits you.

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  • Let me put an end to the basic argument regarding the AIA and AIG with the link to announcement that says AIG is going to be part of AIA. You can access that relevant information in the below link.

    Another thing is that as they do the migration, the plans in the AIG will be covered in AIA. So the registration and the respective details from IRDA will be updated soon enough. Don't expect this to change overnight, we are in india, we don't have much quicker red tape process. So now you can safely trust the AIA the same way you trusted AIG. Why they go through name change and all thee process is upto them to explain, not something we non employers can speculate in general forums.

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