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    Query about document verification

    Having a spelling mistake in documents like marksheet/ aadhar card? Worried about document verification? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    My father's name does not match in my board exams result certificates and admit with aadhar card.
    Will this create a problem in document verification?
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  • Yes, Its really a matter of concern. It will certainly create a problem in future. So I will suggest you to change your father's name in Adhaar card if you find correct name in school marksheet and certificate.
    To correct name of father in adhaar card please visit to your nearest Adhaar kiosk and provide them your marksheet. By this marksheet, you will be able to correct the name of your father easily.

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  • Although it is a minor mistake, even then you may face problem in case of selection in Government jobs or in property-related matters. However, the solution is more or less simple. You have to go to a First-class Magistrate of your city and sign a suitably-worded affidavit stating that Mr. AB and Mr. ABC (your father's name in different documents) are same. You have to preserve this affidavit. Additionally, a similarly-worded advertisment is also required to be published in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper. You need to keep these advertisements and the affidavit permanently.

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    Spelling mistake of your own name, parents name and surname can cause a lot of issues. So getting it corrected is always a good idea. I can tell you that document verification can be a good option if you wish to avoid the future headache. First visit the nearest grahak seva kendra and then get your documentation corrected. After that change you can go to the board and get the details corrected accordingly. This may take few weeks or month for entire process to be properly corrected.

  • I would recommend you to make changes in inter certificate if you have not received it yet.
    The board of Intermediate Education opens a rectification portal for rectifying any mistakes in marksheet. This opens for a limited amount of time and you will have to pay a certain amount to get it done, to know more about this portal contact your principal. Another way is to approach your school and request the principal to help you in this matter and believe me a principal can seriously help you in this process by giving necessary information.The last option is to make an affidavit which may state that both your names belong to your father. You may go through the procedure of your choice though making an affidavit can involve many procedures. Consider meeting your principal in this regard.

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