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    Query regarding name in certificates

    Having a name mismatch in certificates? Wondering if this will create a problem in future? Check out responses from experts on this page and resolve your queries.

    My name doe not tally in 10th, Intermediate and degree certificates.
    Will this create any problem in future?
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  • Yes, Its really a matter of concern. I will suggest you to apply for the correction of the name in your all mark sheets of 10th, intermediate and degree certificate .
    You have to applied for the correction of names in the mark sheets and certificates. For the correction you have to submit a form online /offline with certain fees and some documents like photocopy of scholar book of school and college and photo copy of mark sheet along with original mark sheet. After 10-15 days your board / university will issue you a new certificate and mark sheet.
    In most of the boards / University, you can submit online application. If you apply within three months of declaration of result you will get new mark sheet free of charge. If you are applying after time period they will charge some nominal charges.
    You can apply online yourselves of through any Kiosk Center.
    So, go for the correction and it very easy process. I will suggest you to apply as soon as possible.

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  • You have to immediately contact the Board and University from where you have appeared in the Xth/X+II/Graduation examinations. You have to submit the documentary evidence of the correct name of yourself. And it is desirable to take up the matter as early as possible. If the Board and University are satisfied with the documentary evidence presented by you, then they will issue new certificate incorporating correct your name.

    If the Board/University is not satisfied, then you have to sign an affidavit before a first-class Magistrate of the city where you stay. The affidavit should be suitably worded. In addition, you have to give classified advertisment in one English newspaper and in one vernacular newspaper in this regard indication your father's correct name. You have to permanently preserve the original affidavit and the advertsiments .

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  • Yes. It will definitely create problem in future. Why did you keep quite when your 10th and inter certificates names are not tallying. Before you complete your degree you might have got it done. It is very late. Now you have to start with your 10th certificate correction through the school you have studied. Then you have to contact Junior college Principal for correction in Intermediate certificate and University for correction in degree certificate. You can go simultaneously to Inter certificate and degree certificate after getting tenth certificated got corrected.
    You have to follow the procedure as per the directions of school. They will advise regarding the certificates required . You have to act quickly. Otherwise problem will get more complicated.

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  • This can be a serious issue if you want to apply for jobs or to access facilities like making passport. This issue becomes serious during cross evaluation of your CV. So here you can think about doing two things. One is to make changes or rectify your name in low class certificate which are not that time consuming. Second is that you make an affidavit stating that both your names mean the same. This will be solving all concerned issues.

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