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    Can domicile certificate give eligibility for APPSC group 2 exam?

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    I am born in Andhra Pradesh. My mother finished her 12 years of education in Andhra Pradesh. My schooling and engineering was completed in Karnataka state.
    Can I get domicile certificate since I am a resident of Andhra Pradesh now?
    If yes, can I apply for a group 2 exam conducted by APPSC (Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission)?

    Thank you.
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  • You can apply. But you will be treated as non-local.The place where you have studied from your 6th standard to +2, that place will become your native place. Basing on your mother place of study, she is local for Andhra Pradesh.

    I have studied in Andhra Pradesh. I am a local of Andhra Pradesh. Later on, I settled in Hyderabad My both the sons studied in Hyderabad. They have become local of Telangana. But I am a settler in Telangana.

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