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    Heavily suffering from ring worm

    Are you suffering from ringworm? Looking out for medical advice? Check this page for advice from medical experts.

    I am suffering from ring worm in chest, hand joints and top most parts of my legs.
    It is itching and seems like blackish colour of skin.
    I am from a poor family. Can you advice some medicine for curing ringworm?
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  • Ringworms can be treated easily with anti-fungal creams. First, wash the affected area, then dry yourself. Now apply the cream.
    Moisture increases the infection.

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  • For now immediately visit any government hospital. Ringworm mostly causes due to staying in cozy , dirty places.
    There are some powder and creams which pharmacist can give but still prefer to visit doctor. Don't spend without doctor's confirmation on medicines. Wear clean cloths, sox and shoes. Keep body clean and sleep in clean bed. Bottom line is wash all your cloths immediately and make home clean. Avoid walking bare feet in wet areas.
    Do not itch those rings and it will grow and most important your nails will transfer those to other parts of body.
    Wash hands periodically. Don't worry , public hospitals don't cost more than 5 Rs. so that much you can spend. If no choice then visit private hospital , I assume based on your situation doctor will surly reduce visiting fees.

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  • First pay a visit to a dermatologist working in a Govt. hospital or Govt. clinic. Follow the medication prescribed by him/her. Maintain general hygiene (Please remember that ringworm is caused by living in dirty places and is aggravated by moisture). If possible, start taking neem leaves and bitter gourd (karela) in your food.

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  • Ring worm is a disease caused by fungus which lives in dead tissues of the skin. So be neat and tidy and get rid of the dead skins. I am listing few methods that you can try at home and is cost effective.

    (1) Always clean your affected areas with soap and water. Clean it with a towel, do not let moisture stay for too long. Practice good hygienic measures to avoid getting it in future.
    (2) Apply coconut oil in affected areas as it is known to have anti fungal properties. for better results, make the oil warm and then apply.
    (3) Apply Aloe vera gel or get the pulp out of Aloe vera leaf and apply it on the affected area. Aloe vera is a good remedy for bacterial and fungus infections.
    (4) Turmeric is another easily available spice that is known for its medicinal values. Make a paste out of turmeric (it is better to use fresh turmeric than powder) and apply it to the affected area.
    (5) If you can afford to buy a bottle of Apple cider vinegar, buy it. It has strong anti fungal properties hence can help you get rid off the ring worms.
    (6) Last but not the least, consult a doctor if nothing works as it is your health and due importance has to be given. A skin specialist can give you a better idea.

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