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    Query about paying guest sub meter calculation

    Are you a paying guest? Searching for electricity usage charges rules? On this page you can get advice from experts to resolve your doubts.

    I am living as a paying guest in Delhi from August 2015.
    I pay my electricity bill as 9 rs per unit. Before two months they charged 13 rs. per unit. But we do not agree to pay with 13 rs. per unit. The owner agreed for payment of 9 rs. per unit, but now he is demanding 15% extra as a tax charges on my total bill amount.
    It is ok or not ?
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  • Never heard of taxes on electricity bill. There are duty charges but it included in overall bill. Try to negotiate this time and make it clear from next month onwards. Since he is owner and assuming you have rent agreement , you have to follow regulations as per rent agreement. If not then get one ready. If bills are separate then for this time pay 70% of overall bill which is final figure you agreed initially.
    I am assuming here bill if for entire home so try to negotiate and pay lump sum this time. You always have choice to move out from place with notice and owner has right to tell you to vacate the place.

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  • The owner may be right also. Electricity charges are calculated in slabs in many Electric supply organisations.
    For example say rate per unit consumption upto 100 units may be 5 Rs.
    For units 101 to 200 it may be 7 Rs. Again for 201 to 300 it may be 9 Rs and for 300 to 500 it may be 12 Rs.

    The owner who would have been paying a lower slab no incurs a higher overall bill due to your(tenant's) consumption. So it is quite right that you should bear the higher load.

    You may study your average consumption by the formula of wattage of the devices and time used. Then you may arrive at your higher slab by deducting that from the total units consumed from bill . For example f your average consumption is say 200 units and the total bill is 300 units, then owner consumed only 100 units. So you are liable to pay the balance amount over and above 100units and all proportionate charges and duties corresponding to that.
    This kind of calculation is better for both sides .

  • The owner or the landlord is right. As the electric bills are calculated on different parameters. The primary parameter is the consumption unit of the customer. There is particular slab for calculating the amount; when the consumption unit is higher than the prior slab it falls in the next category and a greater charge per unit is applicable for the total unit consumed.
    So, as you are the tenant, the extra unit that consumed by you increases the consumed unit applies for the higher price slab. So, it is your turn to pay the extra amount as it is consumed by you. So, be patient and negotiate with your landlord for this matter so that there must not be a misunderstanding from the next month.
    In your question, you told about some taxes, but there is no such charge except service tax which is applied to the total bill. So, you are also liable to pay a portion of that charge also. Better you must talk clearly with your landlord and sort it out from next month.

  • There are taxes on the electricity bill –

    • Energy tax of 5% that has to be paid by all customers
    • Surcharge of 8% is charged in Delhi and the NCR

    All customers pay around 13% as tax on their electricity bill

    However, there are different tariff slabs for domestic use of electricity, and the electricity bills in Delhi are calculated as per the number of units, as explained below –

    • Rs.4 per unit plus 13% tax for consumption of the first 200 units
    • Rs.5.95 per unit plus 13% tax for consumption of units between 200 & 400
    • Rs.7.30 per unit plus 13% tax for consumption of units between 400 & 800
    • Rs.8.10 per unit plus 13% tax for consumption of units between 800 & 1200 and so on
    The bill is calculated based on the slab. For instance, if the units of electricity consumed are 585. The bill will be calculated as follows –

    • The first 200 units @ Rs.4 + 13% tax
    • 400 units @ Rs.5.95 + 13% tax
    • Balance 185 units @ Rs.7.30 + 13% tax

    Your landlord is charging Rs.9.00 per unit, which is an extremely high rate per unit. Rs.9.00 per unit is what is charged for consumption of over 1200 units.

    Ask to see the electricity bill and check the total number of units consumed. I think you are being cheated. Even in peak summer, when we use the air conditioner, we do not consume more than 1000 units of electricity.

    Technically, your landlord seems to be selling electricity, at a profit, which I think is illegal. Moreover, the 15% tax is of his, own making.

    Reason with the landlord. Let him know the electrical gadgets you have and that those would not consume that many units. Also, the rate per unit is high.

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