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    Treatment for rhetoric arthritis

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    My father is suffering from rhetoric arthritis and he is unable to walk since last 17 years. Since last 2 years he is having a problem in sleeping because the back is not going straight and the neck is also not moving properly.
    The Doctor is telling to be be patient.
    We are testing the blood & urine regularly. Last year the ESR gone high to 90 but before 10 days it was normal but CRP has increased to 3.5 and hemoglobin is low to 8.5. My father has high blood pressure but it is under control.
    The doctor is giving the medicine:
    1) Bio cetral forte
    2) Deplat A 75
    3) Telmicant Ct 40
    Are these sufficent?
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  • There are some home remedies which if you apply for a few days, you may get rid of the pains related to the Arthiritis. Here are a few tips to be applied in this direction.
    1) Black Strap Molasses is the very effective remedy in the removal of the pain. What is needed is to consume one table spoon of this concentrate mixed with 200 ml of water and consume the same twice daily for at least twenty days. This concoction contains enough antioxidants apart from essential,minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, etc - essential for the alleviation of the pain.
    2) Curcumin found in Turmeric is the apt remedy for Arthiritis. You may take one fourth teaspoon of Turmeric and dissolve the same in the hot milk and same is to be consumed prior to retirement to bed. You will notice it's benificial effect within a fortnight but this should be taken for at least three months for the permanent effect.
    3) Magnesium - supplementation such as Magnesium - citrate, Magnesium - stearate etc produce wonderful effects in the removal of the pain. Consume the same twice a day.
    4) Olive - oil is the excellent remedy if the same is rubbed gently on the affected part.
    5) Take Epsome - salt and dissolve the same in a bowl of water. Submerge the affected part for at least ten minutes and this operation has to be repeated at least twice in a day. You will get substantial relief from the pain.
    6) Aswagandha also known as Withania - somnifera if taken twice to the tune of half tea- spoon can mitigate your problem within one and half month since it contains plenty amount of antioxidants including Calcium essential for healthy bone - health.

  • Arthritis in general and Rheumatic arthritis is a common ailment and health issue for elders and I by advancing age the problem increases. In your father's case, 17 years means it has become a chronic issue. However the situation can be managed with proper care, proper motion and rest of affected parts under advice and guidance of experienced doctors. External applications of ointments and liniments can give symptomatic relief. You need not expect a total cure nor you need to worry also if proper and prudent care and management is done.

    Ayurvedic treatment is preferable for such chronic cases along with the symptomatic relief medicines. Care should be taken to avoid exposure to cold and humid environments. Applying mild heat press by soft pressing dry cloth warmed on a oil less tawa or by a warm iron box on a multi-folded kerchief, can give relief especially on cold nights and cold mornings. That will ease movement. Modern heating pad also can be used if they are convenient and comfortable. Please take care not to apply overheat.

    While deliberate strain should not be applied on the affected parts, keeping without any movement is also counterproductive. For arthritis or similar rheumatic problems, 'motion is the main lotion'. Affected part should be given tolerable motion without hurting or injuring. Causing mild movements under the relief of a pain reliever will be comfortable.

    In Ayurvedic treatment, medicine to be taken orally will be also prescribed. There may be some food restrictions like reducing or avoiding sour and acidic foods, foods causing gas and acidity, foods causing kapha or phlegm etc. Sincerely following that will help ease the problem faster.
    Proper bowel motion is one basic factor for avoiding many illness including rheumatic disorders also. So the Ayurvedic doctor may also prescribe such medicines or life style regime to have normal bowel motion.

    Though these are general suggestions, you better show your father to an experience Ayurvedic doctor , without discontinuing any medicines the allopathy doctors has prescribed. Tell the current doctors that you are going to Ayurvedic doctor and tell Ayurvedic doctor about your current treatment. That will be helpful.

  • As per the medical opinion it is believed that Rhetoric or Rheumatoid Arthritis is to be treated as early as possible after its onset. Modern medicine system advocates for aggressive treatment in the beginning itself and many patients get complete cure.

    Now in your father's case it is already reached in advance stage and his age factor is also there so it is to be managed with the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

    The focus of treatment in such old cases is generally around the pain management and suitable pain relievers as advised by doctors are to be given.

    Knowledge is power.

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