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    Increase 2 inches height at the age of 19

    interested in increasing height? Searching for methods and tips to do so? Find suggestions from experts to increase the height.

    I am 5 feet 2 inches , my mom is 5 feet 2 inches and my dad is 5 feet 7 inches. I am 19 years old. Can I increase 2-3 inches of height at the age of 19?
    Can you suggest me the tips to grow height?
    I am ready to make efforts.
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  • Are you male or female? If you are 19 there are very good chances it will grow. Just follow health diet with good exercise. Follow games like basketball, badminton, bicycle ride to increase length of bones. Hanging pole long time once in day also helps increasing height. Increase vitamin D intake to strengthen bones. Remember your height is through bone length so more stretch to bones then more height. You have good changes to touch your dad's height. All you need to practice hard next 3-4 years. All the best.

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  • For a male the height can increase till the age of 21-25 years approximately and for the female is 18 years approximately. Age is not only the factor for the growth of muscles and bones. Some female grow taller before 18 years and some after the
    18 years it depends on the heredity also.

    Also along with this proper diet, proper sleep and exercise also plays more important role than age. Doing exercise regularly like hopping, jumping, skipping also increases the heights.

  • You have not indicated your gender and in case you are a male, there is possibility of growth since males have scope of height growth up to 23 years of age. However you may apply the following tips for registering growth.
    1) Take Aswagandha - powder to the extent of half teaspoon mixed with hot milk and consume the same daily prior to going to bed in night. On its regular use for forty five days, you can see the result.
    2) Engage yourself in cycling, stretching exercises for nearly 45 minutes daily in the morning in order to get effective result.
    3) Your diet should be balanced one including sufficient Protiens,carbohydrates and sufficient antioxidants like walnuts, almond,raisin etc. Include Milk, Curd and Cheese in your food - intake.
    4) Take adequate sleep so that growth hormone is fully effective. It must be minimum to the level of eight hours.
    5) If engaged in yoga and meditation for nearly thirty minutes daily, you can minimise your stress level and this will ultimately have a positive impact in registering your growth.

  • If you are female then your height has reached its peak. And you may find it difficult to grow it any longer. As for the male, they can grow this height up to 21 or 23 depending on the hormone growth and hereditary factors. In order to grow the height, you have to make sure to use cycle and other exercise options. For example, some use the gymnastics and few other sports for the increasing of height. In order to understand what diet applies to you, make sure to visit some dietitian. And he will tell you what works and what doesn't for your body type. I suggest following a proper diet and the exercise that is what going to set your health in proper order.

  • You have not indicated your gender. If you are a female, it can said that by 19, a female reaches the maximum level of gaining height. If you are male, height can grow till you attain 21 years of age, altthough it requires conscious and regular effort. You may visit the gym and do some special exercises as directed by a qualified instructor. Furthermore, you are required to do specific 'Yogasanas' to marginally increase your height. More importantly, you have to change your poture of sitting, standing and walking.
    Many people would advise you to go for hormone-therapy to increase height, but I would strongly suggest to refrain from it. Hormone-therapy may cause more harm than good.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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