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    What is the difference between Sugarfree and Sugarless? Which is more beneficial for diabetics?

    Confused about the difference between sugarfree and sugarless? Wondering which one is better for diabetics? Check out this page and resolve your confusion.

    Quite often I have heard and read these two words 'Sugarfree' and 'Sugarless'.

    In general terms I presume sugar free is a sweet item without sugar but some other product is used to add sweet to the product whereas sugarless is absolutely no sweetener of any kind is used.

    I would like to know which one of the two is more helpful for diabetics.
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  • To be honest, there is no such substance called "no sugar". All our foods are organic and all have sugar content in them. But there are substitutes for sucrose (cane sugar), that are used in these artificial sweetener industries.
    I guess it's sucralose that they use. While sugar-free relies on sucralose, Sugarless relies on aspartame.
    There isn't much difference at all. Both are artificial sweeteners.
    And sugar-free goods are beneficial for diabetics and cholesterol patients.

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  • Sugar-free and sugarless products are made up of Sucralose. These are sweet but not exactly with the same calorie. So you can find that these can be bad for your health. You can't take regular sugar in excess. Because that often affects your health if taken in excess. You can, however, take those sugar-free supplements for your regular sugar needs. It tastes sweet and that's all it can offer but it has very less calorie count and other content. Think of it as an artificial sweetener. Most of the diabetic patients use it for their tea and coffee. You can find that it can be good diet supplement for them.

  • Sugar-free is the agent which is not the real sugar but tastes as sugar. It is normally recommended for the sugar patients. And Sugar-less implies that instead of adding the right quantity of sugar, the sugar content has been reduced for a purpose.

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  • There was only one usage earlier-sugar less or without sugar. The diabetics used to take coffee, tea and other food and beverages without sugar.Those prone to diabetics or those who were calorie conscious took some earlier precautions and consumed sugarless items; i.e. they used sugar less than the normal satisfying quantum.

    It is after a particular brand of artificial chemical sweetener brought out in the market that the word sugar free became popular. That particular brand item contained a chemical which was giving sweet taste to the food and beverages to which it is added even in small quantities, but that is not sugar in its chemical combination nor has the calories or carbohydrates white sugar has. There were artificial sweeteners even before this particular brand, but they were not advertised in that way but used the name of the ingredient.

    Then the word Sugarfree became very popular and even sweet manufacturers and manufacturers of refreshment drinks also started using the word sugarfree. The main ingredient in the brand sold as Sugarfree is Sucralose which is also actually derived from normal sugar by chemical process. It is the result of removing the hydroxyl (Oh) part from the sugar and replacing it with Chlorine(Cl).
    The sucralose is consumed in comparable very less quantity to sugar for equivalent sweet taste. Unlike sugar, sucralose is not absorbed by the body and is excreted directly without break up. Any minute absorption is also excreted by urine.

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