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    Query about Gout disease, its symptoms and prevention

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    When there is overload of uric acid in the body the disease gout results.
    1. Which part of the body does this disease gout affect?
    2. What causes the gout disease?
    3. What are the symptoms of this disease?
    4. What are the foods that helps in treatment of this disease?
    5. What measures are to be taken to avoid this disease?
    6. Is there any diet plan for this disease?
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  • 1. It is an arthritis and usually occurs in limbs. Mostly in legs.
    2. It is caused by excess of uric acid in blood. When there is too much uric acid in blood and not filtered out properly it gets deposited under tissues causing inflammation, then gout.
    3. Swelling and redness of joints. Intolerable pain and inflammation.
    4. Commonly anti-inflammatory drugs are used.
    5,6. Increase fluid intake.
    Limit non-vegetarian diet.

    It is important to revive your kidney's filtration capacity. So take regular fibrous food. Eat celery and cereals.
    Consume dairy products and increase exercise. Eat nuts too. Keep a high amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

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  • Gout is categorised as an ailment in the family of arthritis disease.It is a metabolic disorder. Generally, it affects the legs with sensation and pain and is characterised by a peculiar sensation at the bottom of the big toe of the foot. An increase of uric acid in the blood is indicated in Gout. Specific medicines are given for lowering the uric acid. Other medicines are prescribed for pain management. Gout patients are advised low protein diet and avoid liquor.

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  • 1) Gout is the result of excess build - up of Uric - acid in the system and the same is not being flushed out from the Kidney. It may also be termed as Arthiritis and is manifestable in the leg.
    2) It is caused by excess intake of sugary foods, intake of Protiens - rich foods such as meat, fish, Tuna and sea - foods.
    3) Swelling or inflammation may appear on the affected part and as a result of this tremendous pain may be felt and often it is intolerable.
    4) Celery, Apple - cider Vinegar, Cherries and anti inflammatory drugs as suggested by the Physicians should be taken regularly.
    5) Plenty of water at an interval of two hours should be consumed to flush out the excess Uric - acid. Protiens rich diets and Alcohol should be restricted to the minimum.
    For the sake of prevention of this disease, fish - oil, foods containing Magnesium such as Oats and Barley would be helpful. Dry nuts especially Almonds and Walnuts are benificial due to presence of essential minerals and antioxidants in order to alleviate the disorder.

  • Gout is a well known disease condition since the ages of Hippocrates and is mentioned in many ancient texts. Gout is also called "rich man's disease" and it was commonly noticed in royals. It is associated with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and is also commonly noticed in post-menopausal women. It is characterized by decreased kidney function, kidney stones, deposition of uric acid in the joints. Severe pain in the joints with hard lumps with deposits of uric acid are attacked by while blood cells causing inflammation of the joints. Gout can occur suddenly or gradually progress, any history of excruciating pain in big toe indicates gout. Weight reduction, reducing alcohol intake, adequate fluid intake, decreasing protein intake are some of the remedies to prevent gout. In case of acute episodes with severe pain, medications like Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), colchicine, and corticosteriods are advised to relieve the symptoms.

  • Gout is medical condition which is due to deposition of urate crystals especially in the joints. The main reason behind crystal formation is more amount of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a metabolic product which gets excreted via the kidney. Most of the time the excess amount of uric acid will not produce any symptoms. But when the amount is too high there is more production rate of urate crytals.
    The uric acid mainly produced as the end product purine metabolism. Purine is classified under proteins forming DNA base. Purines are commonly found in red meat, sea foods, liver, brain kidneys. Even excess amount of alcohol itself causes uric acid production, particularly beer. Certain medications also increases the blood uric acid levels such as frusemide, warfarin and aspirin. Decreased water intake reduces the excretion of uric acid which results in increased blood levels of uric acid.
    The Gout can be diagnosed with following signs and symptoms,
    excruciating pain, swelling, redness and tenderness. These signs are more frequently seen over big toes. Other joints also get involved such as foot, ankle, knee and so on. The pain is more during night time. It is also diagnosed by taking fluid from the swollen joints.
    Gout treatment can be parted as symptomatic and curative.
    Analgesics such as Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs helps in relieving pain. Diet plan consists mainly of limited protein. Habit changes such as drinking more of water and avoiding hot drinks. Drugs such as steroids and colchicine can also be prescribed.


  • Gout is a condition that there is difficulty in moving joints especially knee joint and there is a swelling occurs at the small joints of fingers and toes(especially big toe) due to deposition of urate crystals.
    1.Main places for occurrence of gout are at joints mainly knee , elbow, fingers,and big toe.
    2.Gout is caused due to the excess levels of uric acid in blood ,which leads to form crystals in joints and don't allow free movements.
    3.Swelling of joints and the movements are restricted due to severe pain.Red colour appearance is due to swelling.
    4.As this disease is caused due to excess intake of proteins , you should avoid intake of proteins for the instance its curing.Take large amounts of fruits and vegetables.
    5.To avoid this disease prevent alcohol and large or excessive amounts of meat and protein content foods.
    6.special dietary schedule is not required for curing this disorder.

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